I Know It’s True … It Was On The Net


At the turn of the century in America, coal miners carried a small bird cage with a canary inside deep down into the mines.  This was their form of life insurance, when the air turned bad, the bird died, and the men knew immediately that there was methane or deadly gas in the mine.

The canary was the precursor to bad times, as long as the canary stayed healthy, the miners were okay.  Today of course, modern electronic’s and devices in the form of “air quality sniffers” have taken over this hefty responsibility.

If I did have a canary with me around here someplace, I am fairly sure it would not be singing, most likely it would be found in the bottom of the cage with both legs sticking straight up into the air!  Midweek, I have been hoping, almost praying, that it would get better.

But it just keeps unraveling on me at a rapid pace.  Things are not swell, and the pace seems to be escalating.  Desperately I seek some kind of solace in the fact that I am receiving mail.  Perhaps some good news for a change?  We get letters … We get letters … We get lot’s and lot’s of letters! Most always something unique and interesting in the mail.

Take yesterday for instance, I got this little ditty, one of my steadfast-loyal-correspondents who is consistently trying to “set me straight” sent it to me.

It read California is going broke, which state will be next” blah, blah, yadda-yadda. I quickly recognized it as something that had been floating around (literally years ago) on the net, so I dutifully replied, “This is bogus, it was on the net a long time ago, and it is not true.” Promptly within ten minutes, I get this reply and it matter of factually states, “No it isn’t.  I saw it on the news last night.”

So I go over to Snopes.com type it in search, bring up the necessary data that shows “clearly that it was first reported in the Los Angeles Times in 2002” and that it is a rumor going around on Email.  All these things just seem to have a life of their own, they never seem to fade off into the sunset.

Because it is a slow day, it is cold and somewhat dreary, because I see some frost on the pumpkin, I realize that I cannot sit on the porch and bask in the sun.  I do a quick cut and paste, and I send it back to her, with the note “What news?  Are you watching FOX?  Here is the straight poop on it, you decide.”

And then I email the data to her.

Twenty minutes passes this time and then I get ……… “I don’t care if it is wrong or not, I am going to believe it!” … all of which was in CAPITAL LETTERS in order to emphasize I suppose.

I hate Email.