On The Downside

Sunday’s paper had an article in it, “Who Are The Happiest People?” It said that the happiest people are the people who make $100,000.00 per year in income, attend regular religious services, and are Republicans.  I thought to myself, “give me the one hundred grand, and I will register Republican and we will give it a shot!”

Sunday was an up/down sort of day.  A sugar enhanced ride on the roller coaster of physical discomfort to say the least.  I also discovered that the banana chips that I was munching on for a snack, contain 14 grams of sugar, which is not good for me.  Say goodbye to an old friend Bucko, you cannot have these anymore … another one bites the dust, spit it out and live!

Took all the aluminum cans to the recyclers yesterday and that was just plain horrible.  First I got there ten minutes before they opened and ran into some rude employee, which did not help my mindset at all.  But when you get to thinking about it, “you are working in a metal recycling center at more than likely min. wage” why would you want to be nice or in a good mood to anyone?

About eight o’clock all the drug addicts, methamphetamine freaks, and the bottom feeders of society show up with everything from spools of wire (who knows where they got it?) sections of brass pipe, air conditioners, to an aluminum ladder of all things.  Somehow I just know that somewhere, someone is sitting in a leaky house, in the dark, and it is hotter than you know what.

Lines were long, unruly, socializing and discussing the day, was not an option.

And then the cursing started and it was just awful, I cannot stress how bad it sounded.  So with the rude dude, and then the cussing, I decided to go somewhere else.  I took it to Standard Metal and accepted two dollars less, but it was worth it, I figure.  They were paying ten cents a pound less, I had 19 pounds, so it all cost me about $1.90 but I didn’t have to listen to the garbage or put up with the —- .

Ended up with $11.90 for the 19 lbs.  Which is about one meal at the local buffet with the Senior Discount.

There is an old saying that says that with each encounter, you take something away from it, good or bad.  I do believe that this is true.  I saw today that I am doing okay, I am not addicted to anything, I don’t NEED to be at the recyclers for the money, I just do it to pick up some lunch money every now and then.

Looking at these people this morning, observing them in their condition of need and despair, gave me new insight to my life, and how good I have it.  I am doing okay, it could be a lot worse, and I should be more thankful for the gifts and blessings that God has bestowed on Cup Cake and I.  If anything, it made me wonder:

Where does hope go, when you give up, and your dreams die?

Is it our problem if some people have more of a chance in life, than others?  How many people day-dream about starting all over?  To move to a new locale, where no one knows you.  New people surround you, new places, new faces, even different smells.  How many people long to be debt free, unencumbered, no financial shackles or bonds to weigh them down.  Grim questions early in the morning, with it the realization that I am indeed a fortunate pilgrim.

I am after all, not dependent on the local metal check recycler for my daily needs.

Who are the happiest people, hard to say?  I suppose the answers are different, on any given day of the week. Guess it all comes down to one basic rule.  It is not the course you chart, but how you set your sail in the morning, that gets you to where you want in life. God has been good to me. I’m doing alright, I might not have it all. But at least I am not living at the end of the string.