In The Dog House

Why is it Christmas music sticks in your mind, for days at a time?  I hear one song, and I am trapped!  To stumble blindly thru the day humming some insistent tune, locked into my mind, tighter than an Investment Bankers bonus payment.  Christmas season is in full swing, decorations are everywhere you look, along with the long ago abandoned political signs that never got picked up by a winner or a loser for that matter.

So here we sit, almost the end of the year, what do we have for you?

The good ole days?  The Rich get richer, you get, well you know the rest of that don’tcha.  Greed is Good, Wall Street is back, watch for the DVD at Walmart soon.  Do you know who the most arrested Hollywood Star might be?  First guess would be Charlie Sheen, he is always in the news, but that would be wrong.  It is his Dad, Martin Sheen, a political activist.

Back to the rant, I am sorry.

What has this year given us?  Separation of Church and state, Drill Baby Drill, Full body scanning, Health Care ….. Good Luck.  I watched this Sarah Palin does Alaska thing the other night, Yummy Mummy shoots a moose.  They say that this is just a regular show, it has no political overtones, just good family fun entertainment.

Yeah?  That is kind of like saying, “The Biggest Loser isn’t about fat people.”

Our National Mood is changing again, one more time, the American Landscape gets a face lift.  We seem to swing like the pendulum on an old wooden clock, first this way and then, the other.  It has gotten so bad that now California welfare recipients are in for hard times.  Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger banned the use of state-issued debt cards recently.  They are no longer honored as payment for psychics, medical marijuana shops, bingo parlors, tattoo parlors, and cruise lines.  All of which have shown up in the past as businesses where the recipients are spending their benefits.

All of this stinks of course, government run amuck as usual.

How about this?  An Ohio sixth-grader has been given detention for farting on the school bus.  Christian Summers, 11, says the flatulence was involuntary, and thinks it “pretty dumb” that he was sentenced to detention.  (What other kind of answer would you expect from an eleven year-old?)  The bus driver, maintains that Summers’ stinky wind breaking was intentional, noting on the detention slip that “while the others scream, he laughs.”  Personally, I think detention should only come after the child is heard telling someone on the bus “to pull his finger.”  That to me, indicates pre-meditated-flatulence behavior and therefore, punishment.

Well Boys & Girls I see the morning sun is breaking the horizon, I need to get crackin on all those little nuances of life that just make my day, thanks for allowing me to take time to share this week with you.  Here is something for you to take with you this day, all you men who wait until the last minute to get that special someone something for Christmas: