(Don’t Worry About It)

The first three blogs I read this morning were depressing dirge’s of self pity and loathing.  It made me think, “Where is the joy in all of this?  Why can’t you find something to be happy about?” but it was not to be found.  Seems like such a waste of time and energy to sit down and write down each and every single thing in life that pisses you off.  And then to throw even more salt into an already open wound, you feel compelled to share it with complete strangers!  (Thank you facebook, twitter, Oprah & Dr. Phil)

Maybe it is just me.  A hopeless romantic, who is constantly searching for the rainbow in life.

I started off the morning with a good hot shower, you know a lot of people in this world, do not have hot water.  A great many of them don’t have potable water to drink, carrying it four or five miles in a contaminated bucket.  No hot shower for them this day.

Even during hard times, we still have it better than a lot of folks.  I flip on a switch and the lites come on, and they STAY ON not like some countries where it is only there a few hours per day.  In those countries their garbage sits on the front stoop waiting on someone to pick it up, someone incidentally, that never seems to come.

As a lot of you already know, and my Dr. has made it painfully aware, I have food issues.  But regardless, I can walk into the kitchen and make a sandwich and I have not gone hungry since my divorce way back in the seventies.  I no longer have to look at my dog as a “food source” but find him a friend and/or companion in life.

So despite all the prognosticators and their less than rosy predictions, all bad vibes from random bloggers’, life is good, things are looking up (Gawd Bless CBS-NBC-ABC … every now and then Fox)  I no longer pine for the “good old days” and my slice of the American Dream is in the government kitchen.  I am told they are bringing it right out.  These political chef’s promise me this, about 500 times a night, with their incessant commercials.

Only thing that has changed is I have a different cook now, new crew in the kitchen, but it is the same old gruel.  One of the constants in my life is the fact that I can always trust the government to disappoint me consistently.  So there it is … for what it is worth.  A new month and I still have enough money left over for a half a tank of fuel for my 12 year old car.

What do I have to complain about.  I mean …. Think about it …. What could be better than that?

So dear friends, don’t fall for this “Love is a warm puppy stuff” coming out of Washington DC these days, it is not true.  Love is watching television at your girlfriends house during a power failure, don’t be fooled.  All the worrying and lamenting about the rotten deal you have is not going to change one thing … What is coming will still roll over you like a steam-roller, so why worry about it?


Cartoon courtesy of American Progress