Between A Rock And A Hard Place

As a small lad I found that Gun Boat Diplomacy, American Doctrine, the Foreign Policy, as it was explained to me just did not make sense.  I remember one day talking to my father about it and his only explanation was this.  “Listen son, as long as there is a rock here, and a rock there, we will have idiots that will fight over them.”

Now I must admit, that at the time, that just did not make a whole lot of sense to me.  Just like, “Eat all your vegetables, there are kids in China that are starving too death.” And I knew damn well, that my father had never in his life, been to China.

Maybe Watonga Oklahoma or Amarillo, Texas, but surely not Beijing.

Yesterday I read where Kentucky and Ohio are conducting a legal battle over a rock.  Yes I said a rock.  “Indian Head Rock” had jutted out of the Kentucky side of the Ohio River until some Ohioans uprooted the iconic 8-ton boulder and moved it to Ohio.  Kentucky sued, and has regained possession until the legal wrangling is resolved.  “We’ll keep it in a safe and secure place,” promised Kentucky officials.

See?  If you wait long enough, your chickens will come home to roost.

Took awhile, but I now understand the rock part of all this, unfortunately Gun Boat Diplomacy and all this Middle East garbage, still doesn’t make sense to me here.  Locked down in the Heartland … Middle America … But the rock, well, it finally happened.  Perhaps I will someday understand the part my Uncle Sam plays in all this, the diplomacy thing and all that, but the jury is still out on that one.


Now that I am older, I more or less feel different
About what my Uncle Sam said, through the use of me
And my brief tenure in the U.S.Government.

Uncle Sam said, “Watch them.” Don’t you bend one inch
They are out to bury you with subtle subversion
and politics.

Uncle Sam said, “I want you to serve” My every wish, shall be your command
So I carried a gun in my early youth working for my Uncle Sam.

I have a duty to my scarred and weary brothers
Who were raped in a land … far, far away
I have a duty and I have something to say.

My voice will ring out loud upon the land … I will stand up, I will be counted
Truly, I will be heard because, in a place called Viet Nam my brothers and I served working for my Uncle Sam

When I was young I carried a gun my Uncle Sam patted my strong back
He told me of the fine job my brothers and I had done, in a strange and foreign land

I know now that I have a duty to teach others of our mistakes
Regardless of what the politicians say
No matter how long it takes to effect a change.

Have a great weekend …