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[12-01]  Fortunate Pilgrim This morning we find ourselves at the Flyin’ Hooker (Flying J Truck-stop) some 400 miles from the house in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Savoring a cup of coffee and taking note of my surroundings.  So far, I have discovered this.  Early morning coffee drinkers are a strange lot, some of us like it lukewarm and some like it hot.

[12-02]  Last Words … Up early this morning, as is my habit, and I am reading where the state of Ohio has limited the amount of time a prisoner facing execution can have for his “last words.”  I have to admit, I am beginning to wonder if the entire country hasn’t gone loopy?

[12-03]  Between a rock and a hard place …  As a small lad I found that Gun Boat Diplomacy, American Doctrine, the Foreign Policy, as it was explained to me just did not make sense.  I remember one day talking to my father about it and his only explanation was this.  “Listen son, as long as there is a rock here, and a rock there, we will have idiots that will fight over them.”

[12-04]  Black Friday Seven Days Removed … Last week, during a brief lapse of sanity, my wife talked me into going shopping.  Now I am not a big shopper, I am not a good shopper, at the very least, I am not a fun shopper.  Why anyone would invite me to go shopping with them, well, that amazes me in itself, it really does.

[12-06]  Indian Winter …  The votes having been counted, it was noted that the tribe had a new chief.  He was a young chief, not versed in the ways and rituals of the tribe.  He stood before them and promised that he would do the very best that he was capable of as their new leader.  One brave inquired of the Chief, “what weather like this winter?”

[12-07]  Rude Awakenings – Strange Expressions … This month in Bus Conversions Magazine I have a story published.  For those of you who do not receive this magazine, here is a reprint of the article. When I was but a small lad, which was quite awhile ago, trust me.  I would ask my Dad for money, and he would reply, “Do you think money grows on trees?”

[12-08]  DooooWabi …. (Don’t Worry About It) The first three blogs I read this morning were depressing dirge’s of self pity and loathing.  It made me think, “Where is the joy in all of this?  Why can’t you find something to be happy about?” but it was not to be found.  Seems like such a waste of time and talent.

[12-09]  In The Dog House … Why is it Christmas music sticks in your mind, for days at a time?  I hear one song, and I am trapped!  To stumble blindly thru the day humming some insistent tune, locked into my mind, tighter than an Investment Bankers bonus payment.  Christmas season is in full swing, decorations are everywhere you look ….

[12-10]  Boogey Woogie Choo-Choo train … Al Quida is laying off bombers, Hooters moves into Tokyo Japan, getting in the holiday mood.

[12-14]  On The Downside … How to be happy in life, how to get by in hard times.

[12-15]  I Know It Is True … I Saw It On The Net … Rumors on the net, how they have a life of their own.  Email.

[12-17]  It Is All Good … Reflections on the good things in life, Christmas, good deeds.

[12-20]  Nocturnal Musings …  Dreams and how they play havoc with our lives.

[1224]  With Six You Get Eggroll …  McDonald’s, fast food, teenagers, communication.

[1228]  Winding Down … Take off on the upcoming New Year.  What is that television soap, oh yeah, “Days Of Our Lives.“  where the hourglass of time has the sand slowly flowing thru and they wax poetic with some kind of phrase or something like that?  I don’t have one sorry … Just trying like the rest of you to find a way to hardwire

[1230]  Rounding Out The Last Of It …  Found myself sitting around most of this day watching Beach Video’s on cable.  I like the “eye candy” and there is the added “suspense factor” that they interject into the segments.  Will Bobby be found by his mother before 28 minutes after the hour, when the commercials are scheduled to run.

[1231]  Out With The Old … In With The New …  Titles are often a hard part of blogging, what do you call something, that is just barely a whisper in your mind?  Things are slowly returning to normal, on this, the last day of 2010.  I see the most popular post is once again, “Bikini’s Why Men Are Pigs” is #1, which really blows me away.  Why this one little post is so important, so popular, amazes me.

Fortunate Pilgrim


Breakfast in New Mexico, The Land Of Enchantment.

This morning we find ourselves at the Flyin’ Hooker (Flying J Truck-stop) some 400 miles from the house in Tucumcari, New Mexico. Savoring a cup of coffee and taking note of my surroundings.  So far, I have discovered this.  Early morning coffee drinkers are a strange lot, some of us like it lukewarm and others piping hot. (Hey? That rhymes, I could be a poet and didn’t know it)  Now I ask you, can life get any better?  Fast food joints, breakfast in the morning, sleeping in the back of the parking lot in a truck-stop.


For the most part, the joint is empty, a couple of freight hauling truckers sitting at the counter, two young kids in a booth, who seem to be “all over each other.” I study them intently, she has black lipstick, black fingernails, jewelry everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. It is in her ear, her nose, a spot above her eyebrows is pierced.

A picture of loveliness.  Every Mother’s pride and joy.

Now her not so apparent non-virginal counterpart, he is much the same, hair is askew, lip pierced, ear ring, and BOTH eyebrows have shiny appendages sticking out of them. I think to myself, “this kid is ripe for marriage, he is ready to go.”

He has endured pain and he has already bought jewelry.

Owning a bus makes life a little bit more interesting and somewhat better. It affords me the luxury of being able to get out and away from all those things in life that manage to drag me down.  It takes my mind off this ugly rash in my left armpit and the nation’s economy.  I have no Late Breaking … Live … Local Headlines to contend with, no cable bill, no sorry political viewpoint to consider on my television.  I have no user screen name or password retrieval issues to face this day … I am fine with the world.

Strangely I find myself riding a gentle wave of adventure this day. I have the road calling to me and some free time to answer up.  Don’t get me wrong, life in El Reno, Oklahoma is good.  But on the whole, at least today, I find that I would rather be somewhere else, somewhere far, far away.

The sun cracks the horizon and morning arrives.  Wrapped tight in my private thoughts, I hardly take notice.  Over in the corner of the parking lot I hear my Pig Iron Pony idling and I sense he is chomping at the bit, he is ready to run and I am to some extent, ready myself.  Daddy’s Hobby and his turbo charged big horses, want to get out and register a few serious miles.  I am obligated to oblige, droppin’ a couple of singles on the table I head out to the parking lot.

Today we will be westbound and down, “six on the floor and the other one out the dog-gone door, hammered down.” Our reserved spot in the fast lane waits for us.  Tomorrow this place will be just a faint memory.

Life is good … I am a fortunate Pilgrim indeed.


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