Freshly Pressed

Wednesday!  Man, don’t you just love it, first thing y’know it will be the weekend.  Now here is one that really got me “in the mood” as my bride would say.  Yesterday I received an email from some woman who said, “You don’t have enough exposure on your webpage and I can show you how to increase your readership.”

This is her second attempt, previously I returned her email and asked her to leave me alone, now she is blocked.  One thing I don’t seem to find in short supply around here lately is “experts.”  She just doesn’t seem “to get it.”  She wants to increase my hit count … I want her to leave me alone.

No Free Lunch In America, we all know that.  I suppose she is willing to do this miracle of the net for a nominal fee or something like that?  Out of the clear blue I have this person telling me how to do it and that I am (for most intents and purposes) doing it all wrong.  Unsolicited and unappreciated, the missive went into the circular file for blog improvement.

Man-Man, I am crushed.

What I find curious is the fact that all these people are out there, showing us how to do it, but they never have anything to show me.  Where is the body of her work?  What is it she has done lately … other than drum up business.  From a personal standpoint, I think that starting from scratch about a year and one-half ago with one simple post and having 1.1 million people visit a site, is good enuff.  I don’t feel a desperate need to generate numbers, I worry about content more than I do numbers.

Not long ago, I got another similar missive, this time a man. “You don’t have enough pictures on your webpage, it needs more to stimulate the masses.” Huh?  What masses are we talking about here.  I searched in vain for HIS webpage or site,  to get a leg up on this masses thing, all this so-called expert had to offer was an email address.  All this reminds me of a close friend I have who’s favorite expression was …. “All you people that think you know everything, are sure irritating to those of us who do.”

Here lately all this “How to Blog Successfully or Improve Your Readership” is starting to smack of the “Excellence Thing” in the latter part of the eighties.

When everything was about “How to get more excellence in the workplace” and “On the path to excellence in your company.”  Mission statements were mandatory.  You could walk into any bookstore and find excellence from the floor to the ceiling.  Now it is how to write more efficiently, how to reach more people, how to blog to be successful.

How to get freshly pressed.

So what qualifies all these people to be experts, these folks, who are telling the rest of us, how to do it (right)?  I go to their site and inspect their wares, not all that often, I come back unimpressed.  Most of the time it is for lack of a better word, just plain old common sense.  One critical mistake I note from time to time, is the fact that these people seem to think that a writer cares if someone likes or dislikes their material.  That is not the case here at all, I could care less, we don’t sit down to write each day because we are out to impress anyone in particular.  We don’t put it out there with profound hope that you will like it.

We do it … Because we like to do it … Pretty simple really.  If you are into “hit counts” (a large increase in readership) then I would say you are in it for all the wrong reasons.  It is not about hit counts, the time and the labor invested, will never add up or even out in the final tally.  If you want numbers, then you are going to find yourself disappointed when they do not happen.  On the other hand, “he who expects nothing … Is seldom disappointed.”  Here it is in a nutshell what you need (we don’t have 10 or 15 reasons to make your blog better).

If you like to write, then write.  Just throw it out on the porch and see if the cat will lick it up.  Pay attention to what works and throw away what doesn’t.  Stay focused and dedicated in your endeavors.  Send out the very best you have and forget the numbers.

In the end … You will be just fine.  You might not be “freshly pressed.”  But you will be okay.  As for generating a lot of hits and answering these never ending email (spam) inquiries … I am just not in the mood.  Hump Day!  Hang in there … You almost have it made.