Can We Talk?

As it is my habit to browse around the web each morning while drinking a cup of coffee, I found this neat little ditty the other day, and thought I would pass it on to you, in case you missed it.  It has a pretty catchy title: Do You Know My Neighbors friends cousins sisters nephew?

It made me think … Why do people do that?

During my life I have run onto this countless times, in social events or causal conversation.  I used to work for the Santa Fe Railroad and when people inquired of me, “What is it do you do for a living?” I would say … “I work for the railroad.”

Immediately afterward, one of two things would happen.  #1 A long dissertation on how this person’s world was turned totally upside down because they had to wait on a train at a public road crossing.  #2 Do you know so and so, he works for the railroad.

Now on my division of the railroad (and trust me, railroads have many divisions and departments) there are over 400 persons in my one department. At this time there were also FOUR railroads operating in the state of Oklahoma.   So I would say, “What is it that he/she does on the RR?” and I would get …. “Uh, I dunno. He works on the RR is all that I know.”  Now that part … “That’s all I know.” … That is most likely the first nugget of truth in this entire thing.

You meet people on trips or while traveling, they say, “Where are you from?” and you say, “Oklahoma.” This is followed by do you know so and so, he lives in Tulsa.  Give me a break.  Do you even have an inkling of how many people live in Tulsa Oklahoma.  Thought so.

Now in the interest of being fair, I have to admit, I do it too.  To sit here and tell you that this habit applies to “other people and not myself” well, that wouldn’t be exactly truthful.  I seem to be afflicted with this character flaw too.

For instance, during our frequent trips or travels, I will meet some folks from say Japan.  At some time during the conversation I will say to them, “Japan eh? What part?”

Which is really kind of stoopid … Because I am NOT going to know which part, I have only been to Japan once in my life, and that was for a brief period of time compliments of my Uncle Sam (U.S. Navy) and I am pretty sure I didn’t see a whole lot of the place. (Saki is an interesting drink don’t you agree?)

Taking all of this one step further (which I am often prone to do sorry). Perhaps it is an inherited trait and we just do not know we have it. It could be that some of us (a lot of us) might be fatally flawed in the gene pool and were not aware of it.

My dad would look at people and exclaim … “So you are from Bulgaria … What part?”

Now really, I am almost drop-dead certain that he had never in his entire life been to the country of Bulgaria.  For that matter, I myself would be hard pressed to even locate it on a map or a globe, for cryin’ out loud.

Anywho, go over there and read the post, it is good reading. Interesting photo’s included in the piece also.   I will have to remember that title or hook .  Sure caught my eye … Do You Know My Neighbors friends cousins sisters nephew … No, but tell me more.

Kudos’s that is a great hook!

Have A Wonderful Week … Or don’t … As always, it is your choice.