Cracker Barrel

Man dreams, he plans, he schemes … And then God smiles.

A friend of mine came up with this ingenious idea of pleasing his mate. (Some would call it devious, but we will stick with the good idea frame of mind description here) He takes his wife to Cracker Barrel, buys her a meal, and then says to her:  “Honey, you can go out into the store and pick out any ONE ITEM that you desire, and I will buy it for you.

This was presented to me as genuine, very real, a tested and true method of spouse pleasing.  It could very well end up being an episode of Dr. Phil once the word gets out.

His way of thinking (he explained this to me in great detail) is that “at the Cracker Barrel there is nothing that is over fifty dollars” so you cannot get hurt too bad.  “It pleases your mate, and you of course, get off rather easy.” Good theory, I say theory, because like all the best laid plans of mice and men, there is a flaw.

There is ALWAYS going to be a flaw.

Now I have to admit, the first couple of times it actually worked.  We would go in for a sampling of Chicken N Dumpling and the Candied Apple thing, which my doctor strongly disagrees with.  We would have our meal, and then I would linger over a cup of good hot coffee, while she browsed the store.  Taking her sweet time, she would lift and finger every item with great care, savoring the moment, before making her final choice.

On several occasions it brought a smile to her face, she is pleased, I am pleased.  All is well in the world, peace and tranquility can be found, please no more phone calls, we have a winner.

The Cracker Barrel Experience as I have fondly grown to call it, has for the most part worked out rather well for both of us.  That is, until yesterday.  Being the smart shopper that she is, my bride located a bedspread in the Cracker Barrel store here in Oklahoma City.

The price?

Ninety-Nine dollars!

So much for theories huh?

(Back to the drawing board)


One thought on “Cracker Barrel

  1. I wondered at the beginning of the “theory” that NOTHING in Cracker Barrel was priced over $50. I made a mental note to do so research on that….BUT I read to the end of the story…hahahaha You saved me the time! Ahhh… you still made her smile… Life is GOOD!!
    Caveate Emptor (Buyer Beware) or something along those lines?


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