Life Is Good-Troubadour

Now and then, I sit back in my easy chair, and I reflect on my life.  Where it is that I have been, where it is that I am going, will there be enough time left for me to complete the journey?  The only certainty that readily comes to mind is this … “The only thing in this life that does not take a holiday is death.”  Like it or not, we are allotted so much time to do what it is that we are required to do and that is it.

I have a friend who always signs off with Life Is Great!

It has occurred to me that this is a good way to look at life, for it is surely great, especially when you consider the consequences.  I used to say “It is a good day to be above ground.”  But I quickly tired of the morbid message that it conveyed, so I stopped using it.  Having a positive slant on things certainly cannot hurt, I believe she is right.

When you are young, you assume that you are immortal, that you are going to live forever.  It is when you age that you realize that it is not so.  All things run their course, and all things eventually end.  The rivers are given birth in the mountains, they flow to the ocean, and they die.  Spring has it’s first buddings, then summer, and eventually fall.

Sooner or later we all find ourselves in the short rows.

You know when a baby is born it comes into the world screaming and kicking, it’s tiny little hands are clenched into a fist.  When a man dies, he leaves the world with his palms outstretched and open, because he has received everything the world has to give.

Nowadays, when someone says to me … Life Is Good, I just sort of smile and reply “Yeah, I am doing Okay.”  Like the tired old line, “Go ye quietly into that gentle goodnight.” or something like that.

Fighting what is inevitable is a waste of time, better to sit back, take a little time to mellow out, and go with the flow.