Freedom = Choices


Who elects worthless politicians year after year and wonders why nothing gets done?

We do.

Who is it that puts these incompetents in office, and when they ____ up

we allow them to stay another term?

We do.

Who is that embraces the unappealing evil things of life, and toss away the good

We do.

Who hires illegal immigrants?

We do.

Who is it that is constanty complains about them, but allows them to stay.

We are.

Who buys the narcotic’s that destroy American families?

We do.

Who redistributes the wealth of hardworking people,

to give it to the nonproductive among us, just to feel good?

We do.

Who complains when big business’s make millions in profits

for supplying millions of jobs

We do.

Who buys their products after they outsource your fellow Americans’ job overseas

We do.

Who is it amongst us, that celebrate foul mouthed rock stars

and Hollywood idols who supply us with nothing but trash.

We do.

Who complains about $50 – $60 tanks of gasoline,

and then buy $75 worth of useless PowerBall tickets – Scratch offs?

We do.

Who sits back and listens to hate speech but won’t tolerate

a moderate disagreement from others?

We do.

Who voted liquor by the drink to support education?

We did.

Who voted in the Indian casinos and lottery for better schools.

We did.

Who is going bankrupt from the same industries we voted in to fix our problems?

We are.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said it best …. “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

We have found the enemy and it is us.

If you didn’t vote

Then YOU are part of the problem.



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Cartoon courtesy of American Progress online.

Red Alert!


Two things in life that really bug me.  Car dealers who constantly, year after year, get “overstocked.”  You would think after a reasonable amount of time, say a couple of years, they would figure it out.


The other thing that gets me is politics.  It never ends, leadership you can trust (Uh huh sure), more money for you in your paycheck (Like that dog is gonna hunt), better schools for your children (If you live in say Afghanistan or some other God forsaken hole), bring integrity back to Government (still working down at the plant?  Still have your home?).

National politics is a circus, full of boring clowns which is constantly changing.

The thing that strikes me is we seem to be developing a breed of “cookie cutter politicians” who all talk the same, look the same, and spew out the same bile year after year.  People who know how to kiss a baby and make it look like fun, never say the wrong thing.  This year we have two women running for the office of Governor, which is fine I guess.  They are going to clean up education, take care of the illegals, restore confidence in our broke down system.

Sounds great … should work … until they see a spider, then what?

Been workin’ on my short list of things I need to do.  Need to learn how to post a video, been thinking about learning how to do that here lately.  I am an old dog, and teaching an old dog new tricks gets kind touchy and I of course get cranky at times.  (One of the benefits of aging, you no longer have to pretend you know it all, and you don’t have to be nice to people if you do not want to be.  Now what did I do with that bottle of Metamucil?)  My grandchildren are 450 miles away in Houston, Texas, so they cannot help me out.  So posting a video?  Is that hard, or labor intensive?

Our operators are standing by for your call.

Kids are hip to all this new age stuff, us old duffers, we just muddle our way thru it.  One of the things I have been noticing about young people here lately, a lot of their web pages have “dark backgrounds” which makes it appear sinister to me and of course, it makes it hard for an old coot to read.

Just thought I would run that one up the old flagpole and see if I could find anyone who would stand up and salute it.

Called the telephone company this past week, I was kind of curious as to why they keep droppin me when I am using the ##@#!! thing.  They told me that it was because everyone is purchasing this new Apple I Phone and sending all of this garbage over the airwaves, which in turn overloads the system.  Until they get the system updated, it is not going to improve.  Here is a novel idea, put a moratorium on Apple I Phones until the system is updated, you seem to be (ahem) overstocked.

Surfing the net you find some of the strangest stuff.  People are now getting so lazy they don’t even try to quote the author.  Found this one this morning:  “Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow. — Some dude.”  (Most likely this person didn’t have his science project done on time, or evidently, the dog ate his/her homework)

Channel Five, another brain dead eye witness report.

When asked about an apparent attempt at a house repair scam the homeowner retorted  … “I mean I immediately went on RED ALERT!”  Which I find somewhat amusing, what is RED ALERT and who is it that offcially orders it?  “I just knew something was up, when he told his helper to run out to the truck and fetch me some more zero’s for this here estimate.”  I am pretty sure that is the point he thought about a RED ALERT.

Which when you think about it, might be a good thing.  Just what the world needs on a slow day in Okie-Homa … More Lerts!

Most people driving or walking down the street and came across a Red Alert, would turn to their respective life partner and ask “What the _____ is that?  You ever see one of them before?”  At my age, I am not immediately going to red anything … Unless I am absolutely sure I know what it is.

LIVE … LOCAL … LATE BREAKING … I am not impressed.

If you think there might be a mental deficit running rampant here, check out what some dumb judge in New York pulled recently.  A Four-year old sued for negligence I mean it has to be true, I read it on the Internet.  What ever happened to good old common sense in this country?

Gotta go, I hear my cellphone ringing, it might be the telephone company placing me on Red Alert.