November Index 2010

[11-01]  Easy Muny Purchased my usual (lotto tickets) and then the wife and I loaded up and headed back to the goat farm.  On the drive home we talked about what we would do “if we hit the big one” and moved to Easy Street (that is, by the way, all you get for a lottery ticket, the right to dream about what you would do with the money).

[11-01]  Shades Of Black … Last night the wife had me attend one of these corporate dinner things, something where you are honored for your years of service and devotion to the company.  They feed you a dinner where some of the food is “suspect” and a few speakers laud praise among the recipients and then everyone loads up and departs sans raise.

[11-02]  Red Alert … Two things in life that really bug me.  Car dealers who constantly, year after year, get “overstocked.”  You would think after a reasonable amount of time, say a couple of years, they would figure it out.  DON’T ORDER SO MANY DAMN CARS!

[11-02]  Freedom = Choices … We have met the enemy and it is us.  Vote or don’t vote.

[11-03]  A Little Off The Ears …  Often checking the bathroom mirror early in the morning can be a sobering experience. I am standing there and I am wondering, “Why is Willard Scott staring back at me, it is not my birthday!” So, as it was either get a haircut or a dog license, I chose to make the six mile drive to town.

[11-04]  Life Is Good-Troubadour ….  Now and then, I sit back in my easy chair, and I reflect on my life.  Where it is that I have been, where it is that I am going, will there be enough time left for me to complete the journey?  The only certainty that readily comes to mind is this … “The only thing in life that doesn’t take a holiday is death.”

[11-05]  Cracker Barrel … Man dreams, he plans, he schemes … And then God smiles. A friend of mine came up with this ingenious idea of pleasing his mate. (Some would call it devious, but we will stick with the good idea frame of mind description here) He takes his wife to Cracker Barrel, buys her a meal, and then informs her that she can have any ONE THING in the store ….

[11-08]  CORN FED UNLEAD ….  Gas is on the move again, inching towards some unseen pinnacle of avarice.  Bob in Massena, New York who is stuck in the slow lane, is having gas pains, he is concerned about the price of motor fuel, and for good reason I must admit. Hard to figure, demand is flat, supplies are ample, the highways are empty ….

[11-09]  He’s Already Taken … People are funny, you can learn a lot in life, just by sitting in the cheap seats, quietly observing what is going on in your world.  Savoring the moment, harvesting the little gems of getting older and learning how to be a tad bit wiser. Harold and Maude are booggyin down the concrete super-slab …

[11-10]  Loose Change … Awhile back I learned of a technique, a little trick of life, that increases my discretionary income. It is called “The Rule Of Fives.” Basically this is how it works.  You cull out your fives (separate them) in your change when you are out doing business in the community.  Each time someone makes change for […]

[11-11]  Old Dirt Road … Old Man Winter is not far off, I can feel it in my bones.  Noticed yesterday on the return trip from town that all the tree’s are starting to turn.  Winter is just around the corner, I know it is so, didn’t we just fiddle with the clocks, aren’t all the songbirds missing from the yard?

[11-12]  Here’s Your Sign … A popular Nashville comedian has made a very nice living off of one gig.  He uses the expression “Here’s Your Sign” and says stupid people ought to be required to wear them.  That way they are easier to spot.  Same with bus owners, we should all get a sign the day we plop down the hard cash to purchase a bus.

[11-15]  Can We Talk? … As it is my habit to browse around the web each morning while drinking a cup of coffee, I found this neat little ditty the other day, and thought I would pass it on to you, in case you missed it.  It has a pretty catchy title: Do You Know My Neighbors friends cousins sisters brother …

[11-16]  Mugg Shots … Man, what is this world coming to?  I just read that McDonald’s Hamburgers has been banned from selling Happy Meals in San Francisco, California.  Once again, the elected Nim-Com-Poops have rallied together to “protect us from ourselves.”  Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.

[11-17]  Freshly Pressed … Wednesday!  Man, don’t you just love it, first thing y’know it will be the weekend.  Now here is one that really got me “in the mood” as my bride would say.  Yesterday I received an email from some woman who said, “You don’t have enough exposure on your webpage and I can show you how to increase your hit count.

[11-18]  Unwed & Unloved … Who says “women are the frustrated sex?”  A Taiwanese woman who was unable to find a husband is marrying herself so she can have a wedding.  An office worker from Taipei, has photographs taken of herself in a wedding dress and will marry herself next month in a lavish ceremony before whisking herself off for her honeymoon …..

[11-26}  The Day After … Here is the take away as Dr. Phil would put it:  “Even as bad as it gets, you can always find someone who has it worse than you.  All you have to do in some cases is just look around.”  This week I saw some poor guy pushing his stolen or borrowed grocery cart full of junk (his treasure) down a sidewalk in Albuquerque New Mexico.  I can only imagine what kind of Thanksgiving feast he was going to sit down to.

[11-29]  Monday Morning Pick Me Up Monday morning, I have those get up, wake up, eat your eggs and oatmeal, rush to work blues! It may be that I have completely lost my mind, but I added a new feature to the website this weekend.  You can now “rate the post” if you wish to do so (and as always, leave a comment).

[11-30]  My Little Blog Several subscribers to this webpage are genuine English professors.  Yes, it is true.  Often in the wee hours of the morning, I will giggle and snicker to myself when I write something, as I know it is going to raise an eyebrow somewhere for sure. But that is the way it goes, first your money and then your clothes.