Easy Muny

Twice a week we make a run to town to purchase a lotto ticket or two, you know what they say, “You can’t win … If you don’t play.”  So we make the trip knowing full well it is most likely in vain.  One of the stores where I purchase the ticket is also a Greyhound Bus Stop.  This week I was surprised by what I saw.

A hound pulled in, nothing special about it, tired old warrior of the highways, dirty, nasty, clearly neglected and somewhat abused.  What caught my eye was the fact that “every seat in that sucker” was taken.

Most of my past experiences with Greyhounds, had them empty and not even half full.  I had never noticed that many paying passengers on a bus, not like that, not in a long, long time.  Must be indicative of the poor state of the economy.  When the buses are running full, the times are hard.

On the back of every dog, there is a little sign that reads:  “Stop Less … Travel More.”  Oh, if it were only that simple, eh?  I used to travel more, but these days, I find I am traveling less and stopped more.  On some days you would have to pound a stake into the turf just to see if I have moved.

Purchased my usual (lotto tickets) and then the wife and I loaded up and headed back to the goat farm.  On the drive home we talked about what we would do “if we hit the big one” and moved to Easy Street (that is, by the way, all you get for a lottery ticket, the right to dream about what you would do with the money).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t idly sit around and dream of about being stinkin rich …  But I sure wouldn’t mind smelling bad.

Last week during the dog days of summer, I managed to scrape together a little time for me, and I read a book profiling Ten Millionaires I found at a garage sale.  It was old, dog eared in places, and clearly not a literary masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination.

The book chronicled what it was that these men did to reach the pinnacle of success in life.  I noticed one interesting characteristic they all shared in common.  They each took a nap every day.  They also went to the banker and “showed them their money” and then borrowed “his money” to do the project.

Right then and there, I made up my mind, I am going to take more naps.

I wanna be rich

Have a good week..  


Post Script:  By the way, hit the powerball and one number, that’s $20 …  Just a few more like that, and I will be sitting down to spec out that forty-five footer with the Maui Wowie teaky wood and all the gadgets!  And I won’t be doing the Early Bird two-for-one specials anymore either.
Will let y’all know.

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One thought on “Easy Muny

  1. Don…not holding my breath that you will win…BUT know that I wish you all the luck. FYI…you and the Mrs are not the only ones that spend a few bucks a week for the right to dream about what we would do IF we won!
    We have been playing one of several since 1999, that is a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time no? I have a deal with her, if we ever hit any “serious money.” I am going to immediately stop playing and NEVER play it again, but so far, that is just a dream too. Thanks for checking in, we appreciate your comments. BCO


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