Give Me A Break File

If you are a member of the human race … Please press one.
If you live on the planet Earth … Please press two.
If you would like to speak to someone who understands English …
Good luck.

People are always wondering how it is that the United States slipped into this third world debt ridden status that it presently enjoys.  It could be because it is a fairly accurate description.  About the only thing we make in this country, is debt.

Here is an example.

I ordered some software from a major software provider on the Westcoast.  The cost of this item was not cheap, over $200.  It arrived today and it did NOT work.  So I dutifully call the people (tech support, now that one is a hoot!) and make inquiries and the tech rep tells me, “I will be honest with you.  The browser has a glitch in it and it will not work.  But I can show you another way to use the product.”

My next question to him was, “If you knew this _____ did not work, then why did you take my money and ship it to me?”  No answer for that.  Then he tries, unsuccessfully, to show me how to go around this and still use the product, a product that does not work as advertised.


I spend over an hour on the phone with people who speak something other than English and get nowhere.  So now I have to ship it back (at my expense) and hope that I might sometime in this century get my money back.

One more thing, “I was charged $5.95 freight on the item” and I look down at the USPS box and there it is …. $4.33.  No honor among thieves.  And this Boys & Girls, is why we are sliding into oblivion and owe every monkey’s son on the planet money for our national debt.  Man, man.  I have not had this much fun since I fed my laptop a cup of coffee at the International House of Pancakes!

I sure hope the lines are short at the Post Office Monday.

Have a good weekend.