Shoppin With Mama

As we have been into our own routines and projects here lately, the wife and I decided to do something together.  For a refreshing change of pace, we went shopping yesterday.  Strangely we found ourselves with a little extra scrilla in our pockets, we decided that shopping would be the endeavor for the day.  (Kids refer to money as scrilla these days, if y’all aint hip, it surely isn’t my fault.  “Yo Mama got mad scrilla. We’re gonna rock the mall later.”)

So we set out in earnest and during the course of the day, ended up walking some five different Malls.  Or as My wife is fond of saying — We Shop Until We Drop — a kind of “take no prisoners attitude that I surely do not adhere to or understand.“  Even now, much later, I still do not know what it was that we were shopping for.

Shopping for me is never that great, and I usually wear out early, the whining factor comes into play much sooner these days than it did in my younger years. Often in complete desperation I will pull out my cellphone and have “fake very loud conversations with our non-existent children” in order to embarrass her and make her take me home.

I just don’t seem to have the stamina for it, I am not the “shop until you drop” type. 

My idea of shopping is a far cry from her’s, let’s face it.