In Other Words

Blogging … First time I ever posted on WordPress, this nutty professor logged in with “now that was depressing.”  My first comment was not all that positive in nature.

This was, believe it or not, a real honest to goodness, genuine professor of English.  As I failed to bookmark his page, I have no clue as to whether or not he is still on WordPress (nor do I care) but he certainly threw a wet towel on my dream.

Not to be deterred, I continued to put them up one or two a day, and after a short while, I had a readership.  Perseverance (and good material) will eventually win out in the end.

My goal was to have 50,000 people visit my site and maybe read my stuff.  It turned out to be not only a rewarding experience, but a learning adventure along the way.

Now some 15 months later, 1.3 million people have come to this site.  Not bad.  Considering I had never posted anything anywhere, before I came here.

Sadly, 80% of other bloggers I used to follow are now gone and no longer posting anything in this same space of time.  As each and everyone are unique in their own special way, this represents a huge loss for the blogging community as a whole.

It takes a special kind of person to maintain a blog, to sit down and write each day without fail.  To face an empty screen early in the morning, to dredge up something interesting for the blog, something that you can post that others will appreciate.

Why we do this without fail is anyone’s guess.  In my case it wasn’t for fortune or fame.  My fame is vapor and my riches have taken to wings, the day for my enrichment of a monetary sort has long past.

But I have taken something away from all of it, and here it is, I will freely share it with you.

You learn to write when you are bored, when you are sad, when you are inconsolable, when you really don’t have a lot to say.  You write when you don’t especially feel loved or funny, you write because you have to write, you want to write, you need to write.

And I suppose you learn something along the way …

You don’t have to be #1 or Freshly Pressed on a global scale to be happy.  That life, is what happens when you are not paying attention, and you can report it.  The take away is how you feel after you have shared it with someone. That is why we do it, and believe it or not, that is not depressing at all.

It’s often quite the opposite, kind of nice.


One thought on “In Other Words

  1. I LIKE reading what you have to say and sometimes that is nothing in particular….or sometimes it strikes a chord and stirs some emotions from my colorful life. Life is good and life is often WAY to short. Live each minute and TRY to remember to smell the roses albeit sometime horse manure along the way.
    Far too often in my life people did NOT want to hear what it was that I had to say, been there, done that, got the look. But in my old age, I just throw it out on the porch and let the cat lick it up, if they like it, fine, if they don’t …. well you know the rest of that don’tcha?

    I agree with you 100%, life is too short to major in the small stuff. Like Ann used to say, “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee.” Here you will find a little of the good and a little of the not so good … wade on in, the water is fine.



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