Open Grazing

My wife is absolutely amazing.  She can walk up to a refrigerator, which I might add, “I have found empty and very uninviting” and from this box, she will prepare something delicious and healthy for me to eat.

We have three refrigerators, one in the kitchen, one in the washroom and another in my shop.  Like most American’s we do not like to be very far from food or refreshments.  Mine are just basic refrigerators stocked only with “the necessities” and hers is brightly decorated with little magnets shaped to resemble fruit or whatever.  Clearly a woman’s touch.

Men from the beginning of time have been the food gathers, the hunters and providers for the brood.  I swear, I can stand and stare into this box for ten minutes straight and NEVER find something that remotely resembles anything either healthy or good to eat.

We have a term for it here at our house, it is called “grazing.”  You just open a door and look around, and look around, then you look around a little more.  Taking all this one step further, I just KNOW it is in there … I just cannot seem to find it.

She on the other hand says, “Get outta here and I will whip up something.”  I don’t know how it is that she does it.  It might be worth mentioning here that my wife is Chinese.  The Chinese are marvelous cooks, they can cook anything that walks, crawls, swims or flies above the earth.

And it is good to eat, everything except the tail that is.

It seems to me, that men just don’t have a clue, when it comes to food and the preparation of same.  Now I know that there are great chef’s who do this very thing for a living throughout the world.  But I am not one of them.  For instance, here is a shot of MY refrigerator, which  I might add does NOT include any of the basic twelve food groups (it might be eight basic food groups, I dunno).

This is more than likely the reason I received a letter from a local health club inviting me down to their establishment for a free complimentary visit.  In the welcome pamphlet, the wording said for me to be sure and bring some “loose fitting clothing.”

Now, IF I had some loose fitting clothing I would not be needing the services of a health club to begin with.  And these people would have never sent me this letter, if they had observed the inside of my other refrigerator (the one in the shop).

Have a great weekend …  Bon Appetite … Easy on the chips.


One thought on “Open Grazing

  1. Hey, at least you have bottled water in there! But now you’ve got me craving some beer of root.

    Oh, and just to be a little nitpicky (I studied Anthropology), men were the hunters, women were the gatherers. Men went out and killed the game, risking life and limb to provide a meal of healthy protein, while women wore pretty skirts, sang lilting songs and smiled a lot while picking berries.

    Then they yelled at the men for not bringing home the right kind of meat. :-)
    Nit picking is allowed, well tolerated, accepted occasionally. I see nothing wrong with pretty skirts, singing little songs and smiling. Uncle Herb did quite a lot of that after he stepped on the garden rake that Aunt Martha left in the yard.

    He was never the same after that, strange eh?

    Thanks for commenting on the piece.



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