Higher Education

It has been pointed out to me this week, that I have inadvertently been spelling hesitaiton wrong.  A classmate/member/lovely person has brought this to my attention recently.  I sincerely apologize for this apparent mistake.  I hereby apologize to her, the Oklahoma Board Of Public Education, and any other interested party for this apparent oversight.

It is not Hesitaion, it is “hesitation.”

I got it now.

Spelling has always been my Achilles’ heel, and fortunately for me, most modern computers, bulletin boards and email servers contain spelling checkers.  Which not ashamed to admit, I use on a daily basis.  I am proud of myself in one respect, I have not used the word “Y’all” one time while posting on this board.  In doing so, I would profoundly be exhibiting my apparent lack of Edumaycayshun, and I am not about to do that.

Any of you guys write your own admit slips in high school?

I used to write them all of the time, we would cut, and do our thing.  The next day I would have to face Mrs. Ormsby in the Admissions office.  And most of the time it went well, until one particular Wednesday.  That was the day of my undoing, my “rude awakening” as my father used to say.

I was standing there, she was reading my admit slip ……. “Please excuse my son, Don Smith, as he was ill on “Wedesday” (did you catch it?) and he was not able to attend school.” Then the note was signed with my father’s name.

Bad news, this dog aint gonna hunt, as they say back here in the Heartland.  I had inadvertently forgotten that Wednesday has an “N” in it.

Mrs. Ormsby gave me the weary eye of a one-eyed cat in a fish market and said, “How old is your father?” and I said, “Uh, I dunno, maybe thirty-five or so, he’s old.”  And she said, “He went to High School, did he?” and I said, “Uh, yeah, I think so.”  Then she smiled (like a big cat rushing in for the kill, aiming for the jugular this time) and she said to me, “Don’t you think he ought to be able to spell WEDNESDAY?”

Nuts … Another trip to Mr. Moody’s office.

30 cuts, 31 cut holds, and a letter to my father.  Believe me; every word of this personal communication from my High School was spelled right.  I watched him read each and every word and then he looked at me and said:  “Go stand in the street until I can get the truck started!”

He was not pleased.

So …… Thank God for spelling checkers  …. Bad Spellers of the World Untie!


Cartoon courtesy of American Progress.Org