Don’t Make Me Watch That Again

Ah Monday!  There is just something about Monday’s that really turns one on, y’know what I mean?  New beginnings, a fresh start, totally new week!  Yeah, I know, “What are YOU smoking?”

This post is about men, women and living the good life in Oklahoma.  You might be doing it somewhere else, say in Boise, Idaho or Ft. Myers Florida.  This post might even be about being married, I dunno.  Possibly some of you can relate to it, and if you are sane, most likely will not.

So here we go Boys & Girls … Today’s post … You ever stop to think about how different men and women are … Well, they are. Women and men just think differently, a woman will limp into the room and the man will say, “What is the matter with your foot Marge?” and the woman will reply, “I hit my big toe on a chair when I was crossing the living-room.”

Now a man, he will come limping in and when asked the very same question will reply, “Some idiot left a chair in the living-room!”

Women …They’re sitting there during Ugly Betty or Dancin’ With The Stars and they are simpering, wiping tears from the corner of their eye.  The hubby is sitting right alongside his woman, and he is thinking, “might as well run two more strands of wire back there at the same time, a red & black, #14, just in case I got to hook something else up later.”

Women think with their heart, more emotional and all that, men, well men are pigs.  We all know about men, they think with parts of their anatomy that cannot be discussed here, because this is a family site.  Women they love us, we are their white knights in shinning armor, we save them from the pitfalls of life, we surround them with comfort, provide for their every need.  We are the subject of every waking moment of their day, in their thoughts, hopes and dreams.

Then there is reality.

See you in the funny papers …


One thought on “Don’t Make Me Watch That Again

  1. Ha! At least you admit it! Love the link.
    Thanks, it is all part of the fun. Now excuse me it is time for America’s Got Talent … someone shoot me please.



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