Junking In The Heartland


Garage Sale Make A EU-Weeey!


The weekends are great this time of the year, we usually load up in our old hoopie and go garage saling (sp).  That is what my bride calls it, from the male perspective it is called junking.  So I am sitting in the kitchen at the kitchen table, reading the paper, and there it is, it had to happen sooner or later.

MARKED DOWN & DUSTED OFF: Fort Walton Beach, Fla. – Grandma Marge’s ashes weren’t for sale, but a bargain hunter in Florida walked away with them anyway.  It seems that a touch of Grandma Marge was put in a potted violet, her favorite plant, after her death. The plant was accidentally sold at a weekend yard sale in the Panhandle town of Fort Walton Beach.

The deceased elderly in this country get No Respect.

Today will most likely be a washout for me also.  I never find anything remotely interesting at garage sales, don’t look for me on Oprah (Man finds painting at garage sale worth seven million dollahs!  Uh huh, I am sure).

PRETTY IN PINK: Mr. Obama turned the White House pink this week in honor of breast cancer awareness .  I wonder if Biden even noticed the change?  I am not prone to dwell on political matters, but I do support something like this.  It is a big killer of women and people need to pay attention.

SELF INFLICTED STUPIDITY: Now here is a prime example of person who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  A Texas man this week slit his own throat in court after being sentenced.  The Dallas man used a thin blade from a safety razor to slit his throat in an apparent suicide attempt Tuesday in the courtroom where a judge had just sentenced him to 40 years in prison. I have often thought of the very same thing, after a bad all meat burritos from “you know who?”

NOW THIS TAKES BALLS … WHERE ELSE …. IN SAN FRANCISCO: Lana Lawless, a former police officer in San Francisco California who underwent a sex change operation five years ago, is challenging the LPGA’s ban on transgender players.  She (or he as the case may be) filed a federal lawsuit this week in San Francisco federal court claiming the LPGA’s “female at birth” requirement for competitors violates a California civil rights law.

Lawless is seeking to prevent the LPGA from holding tournaments in the state until the organization changes its policy to admit transgender players. She is also seeking unspecified damages.

Gives a whole new meaning to the expression … “A hole in one … Doesn’t it?”  (don’t send me any letters, the box is full!)

SPORTS POLL (YAWN?) Dallas Cowboys are America’s favorite team for fourth straight year.   The Cowboys emerged as the favorite team of NFL fans in a Harris Poll released this week.

It is the fourth straight year the Cowboys have been ranked at the top of the poll.  Rumor has it they have hired a new backfield coach from the far east his name is Win Sum Soon  (Well, whadya expect for free?).

EARTHQUAKE RELIEF: Donations are now being accepted for Earthquake Relief for Oklahoma.  Please send anything that you can in order to help us get thru this crisis.  Desperately needed:  Boomer Sooner Ball caps, Oklahoma Thunder T-shirts, How to Noodle the Red River Video’s, Frog-Legs, and fresh cut Okra.


Thanks to our loyal reader James.


GLAZED OVER: Bartlesville, Oklahoma, a place I can assure you, that six billion people have never visited.   Police there say a Oklahoma woman tripled her trouble when she stole a doughnut from someone’s truck, urinated in a parking lot and offered to perform a sex act on an officer for money.

The Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise reports that the truck owner complained to police that the woman stole the doughnut at about 2 a.m. Wednesday. A convenience store clerk asked police to charge the woman because he said she relieved herself outside the store.

The lucky officer dispatched to this fun call says that when he told the woman she was under arrest, she offered to perform a sex act for money.  At last report, the 27-year-old Tulsa woman was being held Thursday in Washington County Jail on charges of vehicle burglary, trespassing, indecent exposure and soliciting prostitution.

Jail records do not show if she has a lawyer, but I am fairly sure, she is going to need one.  Who knows?  In todays social norm … She might be able to settle out of court on an oral agreement.

POT HOLE POSSE: The news is also reporting that the current administration in Washington is poised to spend some $50 billion on our countries’ crumbling infrastructure.  Which will most likely not make a dent in what amounts to about $33 Trillion needed to bring it all up to snuff.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go.  I want to send the I.R.S. an Email and ask them to cancel my subscription.  Have a great weekend!


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  1. Liked the note of the PINK LIGHTS in Wash DC!! I am a 32 year BC survivor and it is about DARN TIME that we get the cure for this devastating disease!!
    Ironic, for years we host telethons, we give generously, and still, not even close by most standards. It is just a hunch or a theory, but I believe there is no cure for it, because there is TOO MUCH MONEY in it to find a cure.



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