Things I Love

Torture Time Again … Things I love

My old bus, “Be ye not the first to try the latest, nor the last to cast the old aside” is what my grandmother used to tell me, something truly special about being the owner of an old hoopie that is no longer in production

The smell of fresh rain on a country road in the summertime.
Songbirds in the tree on the westside of the house
The view from the top of the hill at the Riverside in Laughlin Nevada.

The husky sound of a woman’s laugh in the dark.

Little children at play.
Long stretches of two lane at dusk
the sound of a big Detroit workin a hill outside of Bozeman
fresh popcorn poppin,
mis-spelled words in Bus Conversion Magazines

Setting the Jake and listening to her bark as she drops off the hill.

High-dollar fuel, bad roads, lousy weather, take the edge off life
Aluminum wheels and shaved rivets
crowded truck stops and radared chicken fry’s
polished wheels excite my senses

I like the look of Albuquerque New Mexico after dark from the top of nine mile hill … Same with Las Cruces and The College Exit in Henderson Nevada.  Porpoising on the Interstate in Wyoming, running I-20 east out of Houston.

Winning lottery tickets  (Hey … This is my fantasy, remember that.)
“It’s all downhill from Van Horn Texas.”
(Yeah sure)
Diesel mechanics who smile and say, “Ah, this aint nuthin.”

Halter tops and cut off Levi’s

Bacon fryin and the smell of burnt toast in the kitchen,
M&M commercials
No one in line ahead of me at the fuel desk
mashed potatoes and dark rich gravy

The smell of diesel exhaust early in the morning

A cup of fresh brewed coffee.
Country Music, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood
NASCAR, CMT Video’s, old time Rock n Roll
long, slow wet kisses in the dark,
Stories told late at night around a dying campfire

Cracker Barrel stores … Chrome shops … LED’s … Stainless Steel
the wife humming softly at the kitchen sink
fried apples in thick syrup.

And last:

Meeting another truck on a hill late at night, and he says, “Aint nuthin’ back there driver but a whole lot of dark.”

All that … is a Rainy Day slice of life … And some of it even makes me smile.


5 thoughts on “Things I Love

  1. Welcome back Don. I believe I can speak for both of your other fans when I say we missed you. :-p
    Oh that is rich, I love it! Believe it or not, it was good to get away from it for awhile. There often comes a time when you feel it is necessary to just walk away and leave it alone.



  2. I would add to the list, “An old man hammering out his thoughts on a keyboard.” :-)
    Yeah? I would watch that “old man stuff there sonny” remember, we all get a turn. How much longer till retirement?



  3. Ok…figured out where to find you and where to post comments…LIFE IS GOOD!!
    Hugs to YOKO and YOU too!!
    Welcome to my world Pam, glad you dropped by. Jump on in … the water is just fine.



  4. I have 109 days to go as of today! That’s calendar days, not working days.
    Nothing like retirement, you get twice the time and half the money. But man, it is worth it.



  5. I moved my website over to blogspot a long time ago. I’m going to be revamping it, but right now it looks very…pink.

    I’ve been freelancing too. I noticed that you have a lovely RV. I wrote a few Livestrong articles about RV parks. Hey, it pays the bills!


    Last year we cashed in everything and moved out of the city to live in the country. So far, it has really paid dividends in peace of mind and our lives. I have an article coming out in Bus Conversion Magazine in November and I can certainly relate to the “payment issues.” But that is another story altogether. It is good to see your “Pink” webpage.

    Take care,



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