Encore … Play it Again

Nashville Tennessee (CMT) seems to be putting out a lot of material on time here lately.  Every entertainer has his/her own slant on time, where did it go?  Why is it just slipping by?  I have lost count of the number of years.  Having just turned 63 years of age on my last birthday, I often wonder the very same things.

Surprisingly I look at my last post, and it was something like fifteen months ago.  I wonder to myself, where did the time go?  Was it well spent this self imposed absence or was the time frittered away to be lost somewhere between the lines.

In my heart I know that this is all part of the Grand Scheme and it is a necessary part of life.  But there is a small portion of time I pine for in the quiet moments of the day, that time naturally being the missing years of my youth.  The longing for but one more chance to perhaps return to that happier period of my life and do a better job of it.  A sincere prayer for just one more opportunity to make it right, and as always, “I promise Lord, I won’t blow it this time.”

The American Indian had an expression for time, they said, “Nothing lasts forever, except the rocks.”  But even a rock will wear down eventually given enough time.  A friend of mine recently commented that “he finished his dash project, and it only took him thirteen days to do it.”


Closing my eyes, sitting back in my easy chair, and it isn’t all that hard to see the skinny blond headed kid at the pencil sharpener cranking away and looking out the window.  I can smell the donuts in the shop, four in the morning, while rolling my newspapers.  The husky laugh of Mary Dawson in the Balcony of the Canadian theater at the east end of main.  Little mile-markers of time, etched in my mind and triggered by who know’s what?

Most of us cannot afford the luxury of just sitting back and whiling away the time, we are so busy starting a life we don’t have time for life.  We cannot sit back and watch the river flow, lie back in the grass and study the clouds, spend a summer night devoted to the Milky Way and its road of stars.

Life eats up our time.

Sadly, if given the remote possibility of doing it all over again, the majority of us would blow it.  It is just our nature.  It is nice however to think that this opportunity exists and that it could happen someday given enough time.