Wednesday Early Morning Musings

Good morning America, how are ya?  I am here, your native son, I will have gone many miles before this day is done.  An old line from an old song.  A slight breeze waifs across the porch this morning, in the distance a lonely freight pulls the hill at Crossroads, and her whistle pierces the night air. Such a lonely sound.

Early morning.  It is one of those rare occasions when everything seems right with the world, the dogs are not barking, the police helicopter (The Ghetto Bird) is roosted somewhere far away, and the noise of the city isn’t as bad as usual.

Sitting on the porch, like an old well worn sponge, I soak it in.

It is amazing what can happen when you give yourself permission to spend some time alone.  It gives you a chance to think, quietly and without distraction.  Being alone gives you a break, a chance to breathe and to lighten up.

It is the best of times and the worst of times.

Yesterday was good, the best of times, I was invited to write for someone else (a magazine) and my worth as a wordsmith was appreciated, seldom do I receive a notable comment  of such nature.  It was the worst of times, I announced that I was going to pack it in and stop putting out this daily rag, and no one even commented that it would be missed.

Times are hectic, I am busy … Life is filled up with a lot to do.

We can become lost in the task of day-to-day living and just getting here and there.  Well, I am here, I have been here for a long, long time, and I am tired of it.  They say that the average American will purchase three homes in his/her lifetime.  I suppose that is true, you buy the first one, you start the family, and the apparent need for the second bigger house arrives.

You grow old, and you downsize, you have the empty nest to contend with, all of a sudden, it is quiet and much too big.

Such is our lot in life; we have arrived at this juncture in time.  Taking it one step further, I suppose we are fortunate, the wife and I.  We still have a roof over our head after this many years, and we don’t have a lot of company living with us.  A full 11% of American population between the ages of 35-44 are now living at home, during a time when they should be productive wage earners and out on their own.

The MJ (Michael Jackson) thing seems to be over with, at least for right now, and that is good.  Now we can get back to the impotent things in life, Dick Cheney, the economy and the melting Ice Caps, the loss of the polar bears.

climate change

I tire quickly of celebrity news, it is kind of like Chinese Food, okay while you have it, but later on, afterwards, you are going to be hungry for something else.  I don’t understand all of this hoopla over a demented entertainer, another troubled soul from a dysfunctional family, who died begging for another “fix” from his in-house medical staff.

People used to take drugs, now they do them.  And in the end, the results are usually the same …. Tragic.

What a missed opportunity, all that talent, and it all went to waste in the end.  Here is a man who should have had a love affair with life.  All it took was the commitment to reflect upon the miracles of life itself and to remember, each day, how lucky he was just to be alive.

And he tossed it all aside.  Maybe he is better off now, who knows.  Time to move on, morbid reflections upon the dead and departed, is not my strongest suite.

One of the most popular posts on this site is “Men are pigs” it gets a lot of hits, I don’t know why, but it does.  Now new evidence to support this theory has emerged, and it is some 35,000 years old according to the people who have discovered it.

An ivory sculpture that could possibly be the oldest piece of sculpture ever discovered is an erotic sculpture of a voluptuous woman.  The small ivory sculpture dates to an era in which humans first began settling Europe, and depicts a woman with giant breasts, open legs and detailed … uh …. “personals” (vulva).  It also appears that the ancients in our world, were much like us.

Wow, Igor gets a woody and we have conclusive proof.

The sculpture appears to be so sexually exaggerated to the point it is almost pornographic in nature.  It was carved out of the tooth from a “woolly mammoth” and it could have been a pendant on a necklace.  Perhaps it was some kind of fertility symbol?  Found in a German cave, it proves that mankind had the ability to think abstractly and create symbolic art and that caveman had brains like modern humans.

It also proves, that nothing has changed in 40,000 years, men are pigs, they always have been, they always will be.  Makes me wonder:  Did they tell the little woman, that they were going over to the cave next door, but not to worry; it was just to “read” the cave art and nothing more?

2:40 A.M. (CST) … Life and living is good, I don’t care where you live.  Count your blessings.

So much for Wednesday, under a clear full-moon-lit sky.  Another Hump Day for a five-day-minimum wage slave in Oklahoma, hang in there, you almost have it made.


“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)

One thought on “Wednesday Early Morning Musings

  1. Hi Don,

    Just to help your old insecure self feel better…….if you stop writing this blathering rag, there are those of us who will miss your homespun witticisms. I find the refreshing and interesting, (unlike you in person) :) I sure do appreciate the opportunity to give you a hard time. I believe that is the best part.

    Oh well, take your best shot. We all have our discrepancies, I always thought you would be a lot taller. hahahahahahahahahaha. No final decision has been made on whether or not to keep it or just hang it up.


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