Open Secrets

4thSecond day of July, soon we will be into the “dog days” of summer, I wonder where that expression originated?  We have all these sayings in this country that I am not aware of, or rather, I am not sure of the meaning or manner in which they arrived on the scene.  How about “belief system” that is one, or “seating area,” “facial area,” and doing this on a “daily basis.”

Stuff like that bugs me, I cannot seem to get it out of my mind.

Which brings me to, “open secret” how do you have an open secret, secrets by their very nature are supposed to be withheld, and not open.  How about “resident alien” hmmmm, now let’s see, you are here, illegally, but they claim you are a resident?  And then there is the bank teller who tripped the “silent alarm.”

Uh huh, sure.  Here is another thing.  Explaing how your shoes came to be called “Wingtips” will definitely not get you laid.  Soooooooo, I am looking at an ad for a popular I phone and one of the features it has is this:  “SimpleMind Xpress” and I ask you, do I have to say any more?

One of the terrible things about one’s quest for truth is, you usually find it. (And if you came here looking for it, well, you are just out of luck, sorry)

65% of Americans say they expect newspapers to be extinct within ten years.  17% think that will happen sooner, possibly within three years, and people in the 18-29 age group, of them a full 83% say that they give newspapers less than 10 years period.  Which figures, 18 year olds don’t have much time to read, they are too busy going to spring break or chasing skirts to worry about the inconsistencies of the world or the problems that humanity faces.

Certainly they have no time to stop and read a newspaper.

Sarah Palin may have inadvertently reduced her popularity in her own state.  Popularity ratings for the governor have dropped from a healthy 85% in March of 2008 to just a paltry 54% today.  About 42% of all Alaskans now view her negatively, with many saying she’s put her national ambitions above serving her state.  Now why would a “politician” do something like that?  I have never heard of such a thing.  John McCain was spotted outside of Phoenix driving in the fast lane with his left blinker on, Bush well we all know what happened to Bush.

The Democrats are now being blamed for the end of the world, date yet to be announced.

Speaking of blood sucking parasites, (nice blend eh?) bats are starting to die off in record numbers, some half a million of them this year.  Now normally most people would say “who cares?”  But bats believe it or not are very useful animals (opposed to politicians who are not) and they serve a good purpose in life (opposed to politician who … Oh well, y’know).

The bats seem to have developed this fungus that first grows on their nose, and then spreads to their wings.  This would be the “black plague version of disease” for these little animals.  One bat can consume about 3,000 mosquitos in a single night, think about that the next time you are outside and you get bit.

(If you get bit by a politician, just swat him with your checkbook)

It could be possible that the entire eco-chain is breaking down, now they are reporting in Arizona that a new strain of mutant rabies is spreading in the animal population there.  First discovered in bats, it has progressed down to foxes, skunks and other animals.  It is not carried from animal to animal by bites, but rather by close social contact, this is something new.

Have Americans learned their lesson?

For the first time ever, Visa reports that debt transactions on its cards have exceeded credit transactions.  In the last three months of 2008, Visa processed $206 billion in debt-card activity.  50.4 percent of its total transaction volume.  Do you know how to tell if you are over your credit limit?  When the girl swipes the card, all the lights in the store, briefly dim.  If this occurs, you are in trouble.

Since the beginning of 2009, 11,600 securities brokers have left the industry.  In all of 2002 the worst year for bankers in recent history, only 11,500 bailed out at that time.  The remainder are entering the Federal Witness Protection Program.

Last night I dreamed that I was being interrogated by the FBI for something I wrote, which is strange, because I have not written anything about the FBI recently that I can recall.  It sure was frightening to me, woke up in a cold sweat and did not know the reason why.  A few days ago, I dreamed I was a catalytic converter underneath a Ford 150 pickup out in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

When I woke up that morning I was totally exhausted.

Our kids are visiting for the July 4th holiday, we have the grandbabies for awhile and the new one has arrived, he is a beaut.  One thing about our children, they get together and make “beautiful babies” and I am of course, a little bit prejudiced about that.  Nice that they are here, special time for sure.  Something special in life, when a seven year old looks up at her grandmother and inquires …. “Will grandpa smell like that when he gets to heaven?”

That’s priceless.

It is now time for me to get back to my business of researching terms unfamiliar in life to the members of society in general.  Like:  Rhino Horn Stockpile Management, Minimum Standards, and Best Practices.  Remember, if you come across any “open secrets” this day, it is your duty, your obligation in life, to keep them to yourselves.