July Index

[07-01]  Mid Week Chill Well, I am still somewhat lost, but here is the good news, I am making good time.  It is already Wednesday.  So things are truly looking up, there might be hope for me yet?  I am just trying to stay cool in an increasingly hotter and hotter world.  It was for instance, so hot yesterday, […]

[07-02]  Open Secrets Second day of July, soon we will be into the “dog days” of summer, I wonder where that expression originated?  We have all these sayings in this country that I am not aware of, or rather, I am not sure of the meaning or manner in which they arrived on the scene.  How about “belief […]

[07-03]  Tickle My Fancy Good morning, another missive chocked full of misplaced apostrophe’s for all you nit pickers, we guarantee this post to be totally free of anything that actually resembles real news.  If you are out of a job and having trouble making ends meet, you can roll this up and eat it, it has been said that […]

[07-07]  Another Canicular Summer Day Going to get hot today, might be time to find a shady spot and get in it.  Oklahoma is that way in the summertime, hot and muggy.  El Ex-Presendente Mr. Bush came and gave his speech in the Oklahoma Panhandle this weekend, he is currently stumping all the Dairy Queens and 7-11 stores across the […]

[07-08]  Something Stinks Something Is Rotten In San Jose.  A California office building was evacuated when someone tried to clear out the rotten food from the office refrigerator.  In the end, a total of 18 emergency vehicles’, 50 fireman, and numerous hazmat teams responded to the AT & T Call Center in San Jose. All this a direct result […]

[07-09] Wednesday Early Morning Musings Good morning America, how are ya?  I am here, your native son, I will have gone many miles before this day is done.  An old line from an old song.  A slight breeze waifs across the porch this morning, in the distance a lonely freight pulls the hill at Crossroads, and her whistle pierces the […]