Tough New Stance

This morning, among the usual gaggle of “you just got to read this” I find a request to switch my domain name over to some outfit in Canada.  It seems the people that just charged me to renew my name, now want to rid themselves of it, and toss me aside to these people in Canada.

Now ordinarily that would not be a big deal, I don’t really care who handles the name, but they want me to get an access key from the old people, to give to the new people, and they claim “they won’t do it” because I don’t have the key.

You know what?  I don’t really give a flyin’ —- about any of it!

Who is it that gives these people the right to come in and hassle us like this?  That is the part that really galds me about all this name change crap, who gave them the right to put this monkey on my back AFTER they collected a renewal fee from me.

So I am somewhat bent out of shape today.  Like I really needed this kind of —- this morning.

If you want to change the ____ name then do it, you don’t need to bundle me up into a tight little knot and make me dance thru hoops.  So that is the story, I sent them BOTH a message and told them to kiss the part of me that goes over the fence last. I may or may not be here in the future, because I did not comply (despite the fact that I have previously coughed up the dough).

Contrary to popular belief, I do this for a hobby, I certainly can live without it.

Not having time for idle BS like this, I chose to ignore it.  It is just another intrusion into my life that I can control, and I choose to worry about more important things in life.  Such as doggy doors on the back of the house, are they really a good idea?  You might think so, it gives Rover free reign to come and go as he pleases, but when you find a possum hanging from the towel rack in the bathroom, is it really worth it?  Stuff like that.

I got a notice, it said, you need to renew your domain name, I coughed up the funds thru PayPal, case closed.


Things are not looking good for Obama Motors.  Only 21% of voters support his plan to bail out GM, as part of the structured bankruptcy proceedings put into place to save the ailing auto giant.  67% oppose the plan outright, and do not support ownership which gives the government a 60% ownership in the company.

As usual the waste of money will usually cure itself, for when there is no money, there is no more to waste.

Yesterday gasoline in my area was selling for $2.17 per gallon, which I hear, is rather cheap.  This morning it is $2.29 and you can say what you want, but these —– are gouging us.  No reason for a spike like that, no real reason, that is.  Gasoline prices have soared by a full 20% since April (how you doing on your wages, you get a 20% increase?) and the average is around $2.50 per gallon nationwide.  So what does all this do, forces people to make hard choices.  Cancel travel plans for the summer, there goes the recovery and the economy stalls once more.

As bad as things look now, Americans have lived through worse.  We seem to always be able to muster up this optimism and hope, almost to the point of being, irrational in nature, to get us going again.  Are we going to be able to do that again?  In the late 1830’s and 1840’s people were broke and desperate in this country.  Believe it or not, this was after real estate speculation got out of control, sound familiar?

Most Europeans when surveyed today are somewhat pessimistic about their financial problems, whereas, Americans find themselves for the most part, optimistic and upbeat despite the dismal numbers.

Believe it or not, one of the few things we have left for us, is change.  We have the option to change, we have the option to accept it at face value, no matter what it is, or walk away from it.  As you learn to respect the value of a quiet mind and place your attention on the moment, you nurture your ability to be present-moment-oriented, free from your worries, concerns, and inner tribulations; all those things that eventually turn into insecurity and self-destructive or erratic behavior.

I may or may not have a domain name after today, and you know what, I really don’t care.  The important fact is that I paid my dues and I should have it without having to jump thru all these hoops that have been set before me on my journey thru time.  You see the simple fact of the matter, when you get down to the nut-cutting, where the rubber meets the road, is this:

As I said in the beginning, I don’t need a domain name in life to continue … I can do very well without it or this … the “choice” is up to me, despite what they say.

Just because some dope drops a bag full of excess baggage in front of you, that doesn’t mean you have to pick it up and carry it down the path of life.

Think about it.


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