Look to the Heaven’s … Look to the Sky

A New York man is suing Bumble Bee Tuna for $100,000 for allegedly choking on a 1.5 inch tuna bone in a sandwich.  He says that he choked for a minute and one-half on the bone before finally coughing it up.  He now says the incident ended his life long love affair with sandwiches made from the tasty, omega 3 rich fish and I “cannot even stand to be near tuna now.”

I have the same problem, only mine is with Road Kill Armadillos lifted up or peeled from the blistering hot asphalt of the Texas Oklahoma Panhandle.

Hard times for duffers.

Nationwide, more than 500 private golf clubs are at serious risk of closing, as recession racked members have resigned in record numbers.  To stave off bankruptcy clubs have been lowering dues and fees, and even, gasp, “allowing the general public to play for a modest fee.”  What is this world coming to?

Good news and bad news file.

First the good news, in late October the government, specifically the Federal Housing Administration launched the Hope For Homeowners Program.  Sounds good eh?  They set aside $300 billion dollars to help some 400,000 homeowners avoid foreclosure.

Now for the bad news.

So far, only ONE HOMEOWNER has benefited from the program, which is highly unpopular because of red tape, expensive fees, and insufficient incentive for lenders to participate.  The government, be it federal or state, has its sticky little fingers in every aspect of your life.  I recently paid off a note at the bank, and one fee, $13 was to the state of Oklahoma, for “releasing the lien on my property.”  Case closed, I rest my case, your honor.  So you might think about that when you plop down your hard earned coins on a big down payment on that itty-bitty little diamond ring, big brother is watching.

Coming back home to roost.

A lot of empty nesters (retired folks without children) are now finding themselves host to their own children and grandchildren as high unemployment rates and high debt take their toll on American families, and the fabric of the American Dream begins to slowly unravel.  Adult children and their children are flocking back to Mom and Dad.  Over 5 million adults in this country ages 25-34 are now living at home.

It is getting to be so common place, they have even associated a name with it, “the reunited family.”  Which of course is going to present even more problems, as the young people are not all that happy with having to move back home and the empty nesters are not relishing the fact that they might have to give up their newfound freedom and privacy.  All of this adds to what people are calling a “new living dynamic” in life with Mom and Dad the second time around.

Personally I don’t have a clue where all of this is headed, but I do know this:  If cup cake and I have another kid, it is going to be born eighteen years old, because it has to go to work right away. Next thing you know, Dr. Phil will be writing a book on it or it will be the talk of the town on The View.  Inter-generational living, life with mom and dad, the separate kitchen on the back of the house, and your very own backdoor.

Look for it on your local bookshelf just before Christmas.


Life on the ragged edge in America, welcome graduates!  Business is hiring a full 22% fewer new college graduates this year than last.  And if you remember, “last year wasn’t any kind of picnic, certainly nothing to write home about.”  But even if you are not getting that much sought after job, and you cannot afford to go to graduate school to stave off the eventual, there is a ray of sunshine.  A glorious, well written, bright eyed Hallmark Card from a relative or a friend awaits you.

They sing to you … They have music and those cute little rhymes inside.

Though you’ve got your diploma

And never will get hired

Think of the bright side

You cannot possibly ever get canned and surely not fired.

(Burma Shave)

There you go, a little sweet mixed in with the salt.  “All experience in life is great unless provided you do not live through it.  If it kills you, you have gone too far.” Remember that little morsel of truth on this Thursday.


One thought on “Look to the Heaven’s … Look to the Sky

  1. For years the talk has been, “Things are different now,” and “Everyone uses credit for everything.” Well, the chickens are coming home to roost. People who paid as they went and saved a little along the way are not hurting now. Some of them are even buying up assets from those who fell for the con job of the banks. There are lessons to be learned by a lot of people. I hope they learn them well.
    There is an old expression James that says, “People who do not learn from their mistakes, are prone to repeat them.” Let us hope they heed your good advice. My kids are NOT moving home, if they need groceries or something like that, okay, I am not letting them starve.

    But they aint living here anymore … that door has closed.



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