Tree Hugger

tree huggerHeard any good jokes lately?

I thought so.

While walking through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, a man came upon another man hugging a tree with his ear firmly against the tree. Seeing this he inquired, “Just out of curiosity, what  the heck are you doing?”

“I’m  listening to the music of the tree,” the other  man replied.

“You’ve  gotta be kiddin’ me.”

“No, would you like to give it a try?”

Understandably curious, the man says, “Well, OK…” So he  wrapped his arms around the tree & pressed  his ear up against it. With this, the other guy slapped a pair of handcuffs on him, took his wallet, jewelry, car keys, then stripped him naked and left.

Two  hours later another nature lover strolled by, saw this guy handcuffed to the tree stark naked, and asked, “What the heck happened to you?”

He told the guy the whole terrible story about how he got there.

When he finished telling his story, the other guy shook  his head in sympathy, walked around behind him, kissed him gently behind the ear and  said, “This just ain’t gonna be your day………….cupcake…”

Believe it or not, it wasn’t long ago, I actually heard people talking optimistically about things, the economy, society, the nation.  Every now and then, a joke or amusing antidote, not so now.  It used to be happier around here.

But that seems to have died down again,

It wasn’t all that long ago, when people would off hand say to you “Have A Nice Day” or “You Have A Good One.”  Stuff like that seems to be rare anymore, almost as if it dried up and died overnight in this country.  We as a nation for the most part are part of the walking wounded now, it is as if we have almost turned into a nation of zombies, just pacing our way through the motions.

I guess the oil companies decided enough was enough and it is time to exact another pound of flesh.  Just when we seemed like we were on top of it, and coming out the other side, here they come to punish us again.

knocked down

Perhaps it is just me, but it appears on the outside that American’s are smiling less these days, you just don’t hear many good jokes, people seem to be pre-occupied and they seem to be worrying more.  Happiness it appears is down and sadness is up, and for good reason.

Bought any groceries or gasoline lately, I rest my case.

The obvious culprit in all this is the recession, it did not go away, it kind of took a nap for a little while, but it seems to be back.  So in order to counter it, we are smoking more and sleeping less, yeah, that should work. Some will tell you our problems are not a lack of money, but the uncertainty of it all.  I don’t see many bankers letting go of the money, and if they are, it certainly isn’t in any volumes that I would tend to brag about.

So it must be the uncertainty of it all.

We don’t know if our boats are being lifted with the tide or if we are still sinking, we know not of a rush on the stock market or whether or not we will have a job next week, and that is taking its collective toll.

I find myself idly sitting around day-dreaming of a day when I can escape it all and head out for a new adventure in life. Exotic locales such as Venezuela call to me, places of National Geographic fame beckon to me.  To go from Canaima, through the Sabana, the Jungle and the rivers Carrao & Churu, where you will enjoy ne of the biggest emotions of life.

To be in the midst of the green velvet that is home to the families of parrots (some 900 species at last count), and the jungle cats, who are often heard, but almost never seen.

To be in a land of sparse facilities just nothing but a base camp.  Guides as natives, all experts, who will take you through troubled waters, where just a few have made it.  And you be one of them.  I guess that is why things have to change, we know not, whether it will be good or bad, we just want it to do something.

Life is different at every age, and often, beautiful too.  Thank God.  How boring it would be to stay the same for our whole lives.

Have A Nice Day.


“The cartoon was published by the Center for American Progress” (online)