I hate Tooooesday!

I make no secret of it, I am not all that in love with Tuesdays, as a matter of cold unadulterated fact, I believe, sincerely, that Tuesdays are unnecessary and the vast majority of us could live without them altogether.  Thank you for allowing me to elucidate my feelings on the subject, those of you who are regular readers will readily understand, and those of you who are not, well, welcome aboard.

288 visitors yesterday, for some reason, there was a rush to heed the message on Monday, and I for one, do not have a clue as to why this happened.  Yesterday someone sent me an email accusing me of being a bigot because I used the word “black American” in a post instead of “Afro American” instead.  Which I promptly wrote them back and pointed out of course that their line of thinking was ludicrous.

If you are born in Atlanta, then you are Afro nothing, you are a black American.  I also politely suggested that they start writing their own webpage and they could make it their mission in life to straighten out this country, one day at a time.

In my way of thinking, I have only one problem, and that is my profound tendency to follow the advice of other people, especially other men.  That is where the problem usually starts with me, some guy will tell me something, and I like the dummy I be, I will follow that particular line of thought.

A long time ago, men gave away all their power in life.

They gave it to kings, princes, wizards, generals and high priests, like say, Dick Cheney.  They gave it away, because they believed what these other men told them.  They bought into the “Okey-doke” of life, the BS, men always buy into the BS especially when it comes to other men.

(In case you are the least bit curious, BS stands for bad situations … Uh huh sure.)

In most cases, I would most likely be better off listening to my wife, who appears to be smarter than me on most occasions.  She is always claiming “that I do NOT listen to her” or something like that?  But I do, I just find myself slow to give her credit.

It’s a male thing.

Like I said, a bad day for email, a bad day for news.  Yesterday someone also sent me a video of some poor sap on top of a train in India, and this guy gets up after several moments of basically non activity and starts walking the top of the train, loses his balance, so he grabs the overhead wire above his head and is instantly electrocuted.  Now that in itself is traumatic enough for the average viewer, but it goes on some more and actually gets worse.

Another thing that disturbs me is this.  I wonder, “who are the people who send this kind of stuff” and why did they choose me to send it to, do they really believe I would enjoy something this ugly in my life?

I noticed this weekend that the newspaper had a article in there about a “woman’s pole vault.”  This made me wonder, with all the options available to women in this age, how does a woman get interested in pole-vaulting?  It seems at the very least a little bizarre for a lifestyle choice.  Also, I hope you noticed that I completely ignored the obvious opportunity for a cheap phallic joke there, shows I still have a modicum of class left, not much, but a little.

Middle of the month, June is almost over, the farmers are bringing in the crop of wheat, that is always woefully short and not all that profitable.  Graduation time in other parts of the country, where everyone gets dressed up and walks across the stage to accept their piece of the pie (diploma) and “gradumacate.”  Having successfully completed their respective years of “edumaycayshun” with passing grades, capped off by attending “gradumaycayshun.”

Isn’t higher education wonderful?

So having reached my apparent word count for the day, I must head out, I have another full plate in front of me.  Yesterday was strenuous, tiring, anxiety filled and irritating, I had to do banking chores and that is never any fun.

They did however credit my account with a considerable amount of money that is NOT mine and I am going to sit back, shut up, and collect the interest on that.

Late in life I am learning it is better to “mellow out and not let it get you down.”  So that is what I am doing, knowing what it is that tends to push my buttons allows me to take a step back from time to time, and make any necessary allowances so that I am not bothered by it all, that much.

We are all, like it or not, a work in progress.

As we get older, our metabolisms shift and our hips take a different shape.  I for one, find myself scratching parts of my body that I have virtually not seen in over five years!  We can do our best to defy some of these changes, but at some point, we must accept our body’s changes as a fact of life and see the beauty in all its various stages.

Take me for instance.

5:00 a.m. Tuesday, here in my underwear sitting in my chair, wearing my best Virginia City Nevada T-shirt that has four holes in it, which I bought way back when, gasoline was only .59 cents a gallon.  Make a mental picture of that, ratty old T-shirt a cup of day old lukewarm micro-waved coffee, no shoes, no socks, no service …. isn’t that life and beauty in all its various stages?

Which is simply what Tuesday’s are all about.


One thought on “I hate Tooooesday!

  1. Don, sometimes we are much alike. I will sit at the computer wearing some jogging shorts or bathrobe and hair in disarray along with the coffee, usually fresh. Juan is working O.T. somewhere in Central America to keep us supplied with coffee.
    Old Juan Valdez of Folger’s fame, I had forgotten about him, that surely dates us Jim. Hahahahaha. Why not be comfortable when you compose or write, life is short, enjoy the ride, is what I say.


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