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Okay, time to cover some ground and voice our concerns over the critical and impotent issues of the day.  Our understated purpose and vision statement for the 21st Century.  I understand from a fairly non reliable source that the world is going to end on Dec 21, 2012. Which would be my 40th anniversary of working on the railroad if I were still working.

Another end of the world scenario.  Thinking back, it was the fifth grade the first time I heard that the world was going to end, there was a rumor running around school that specifically addressed this issue.  I also remember being very upset, but then again, I was awfully young in those days, just out of puberty and rushing headlong into what my Dad affectionately referred to as “my dumb-ass years.”

Ironically, it turns out that he and the Navy recruitment officer were right.

The second time I heard about the world ending was in the seventies when Oral Roberts locked himself inside a 900 foot tower in Tulsa, Oklahoma and professed that the end was near.  I faintly remember a vision of a 900 ft. German Sheppard telling him this or something like that, however, try as he may, it did not happen.  Some cult over in Arkansas did the same thing, not long ago, of course it did not happen either.

But if you have ever been to Arkansas you would understand that last statement immediately.

So time is once again running out for all the hopeless souls that inhabit this planet, 2012 and then a super asteroid will hit the outer atmosphere and poof, most of us will be pop tarts.  Or it might be a collision on a super sized scale with some celestial body named by some dweeb at NASA, something like planet X or maybe even “Y.”

One source of amusement will be numerous websites will pick up on this of course, and all the airheads of the Internet will begin predicting adding to the fascination of the event and I suppose to a certain extent chaos.  These are the gasbags that currently espouse this theory based loosely on the Mayan Calendar which in itself (to a somewhat normal person in a mediocre good frame of mind) is kind of ludicrous.

We are supposed to bet our future, the future of mankind on a primitive calendar that they insist ends on that fateful day?

I am somewhat convinced that all of these “so called superior cultures” were a bunch of dope smoking, jungle loving cretins’.  I mean who builds runways for aliens in the middle of nowhere (that can only be seen from space), I rest my case.  Now why would anyone believe that a primitive Mayan Long Count Calendar would portend the end of civilization as we know it?

Let us call it what it is, foolish.

If they had all these mystical powers, if they were capable of seeing into the future, then why were they catastrophically wiped out (by unknown forces) and almost immediately if not sooner, vanished from the earth, it seems to me this all could have been avoided.

Mayan Calendar:  May, 2nd, 1211, end of the world, make preparations for evacuations.  Jungle guava-mano comes into season.  Yearly payment to the shaman is due on the 10th.

Now I do recognize that there remains a certain percentage of you who do believe this is going to happen, and are dead certain, that I am (as usual) “full of it.”  Which could be a sprinkle of truth there, I am not sure.  But for all those skeptics out there, remember this …. “Y2K” …. Another non-occurring event highly publicized that did not happen.

Basically what I think about the most whenever this subject comes up is this one little thing.  “Something wonderful begins to happen when we are able to recognize and acknowledge our thoughts, even as they happen.  When a thought surfaces, rather than resist it, simply acknowledge it and let it go.”

In other words “DWABI” which is slang, pronounced “Doo-Wab-ee” and simply means:  Don’t Worry About It.”  Our problem as I see it is simple …. We seem to be smiling less these days, and worrying more.

Not a good thing, no sir, not a good thing at all.

The end of the world (again) yawn, aint gonna happen.  Like I told the little woman just the other day when she brought it up I said, “Don’t worry about it Honey, we owe far too much money for the world to end  any time soon. Everything is just fine, I hear it is all going to stay in place, and the Atlantic Coast is to remain also.” That seemed to qualm her fears and anxieties (a double shot of rum in her Pina Coloda seemed to work too).

For the remainder of you, who don’t buy into it like me, I will see you on Dec 21, 2012.



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  1. We’re probably safe that the world won’t end in 2012, but just in case… I’ve decided to drink more wine. AND eat more cheese.

    Just in case.
    It is always good to prepare and think ahead, good move.


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