Television for the Insane

A little of this and a Little of that

An item on The View or The Ladies Channel, I forget, on how Kirstie Alley lost 75 pounds, it was incorrectly stated that she “ate … twenty six, seven, eight thousand calories a day.” The correct figures are six, seven eight thousand calories a day.  I have personally lost 13 lbs in recent weeks, but it was because I was sick, not because I was dieting.  My doctor now informs me that I am my perfect weight for a person who is seven feet tall.

So I switch over to the “sports channel” which is a total waste of programming if you want my opinion, and I would bet the majority of you never expected to hear a man say that.  On there I find this “The most important thing about batting is getting the bat to hit the ball.”

Yeah right, for this moderators or commentators are paid millions per year?

I just love surfing the dial where you pick up all those little gems that help you make it thru the day contributed by sports personalities.  Such as:  “Chemistry is a class you take in high school or college where you figure out 2+2=10 or something.” Which was recently coughed up by Dennis Rodman basketball player.

How about this great political geopolitical insight from Donald Trump:  “You know, the one thing I sorta liked was what they were saying about Iran.  I believe you have to go in and strike Iran … not with soldiers.  You know, it’s not a world of soldiers anymore.  It’s a world of air.  It’s a world of different kinds of, you know, we’ve changed.”

Uh huh, wonder why we have “soldiers” in roughly 147 countries around the world?  You’re fired.  Where is Paula Abdul when you really need her?

Mr. Obama just appointed a new Supreme Court justice, let us hope that she is better than Justice Clarence Thomas, at a lecture to Holy Cross College in 2002 he said:  “I really don’t want to be a judge.  I don’t want to be judged.  I don’t like judging other people.” In the words of Judge Judy of television fame … “You sir!  Are an idiot.”

(no reflection on any judge living or dead, lawyers said to put that in there, so I did)

Another note on the ladies of government.  “She’s either Puerto Rican, or the same thing as Cuban, I mean they are all very hot.  The have the, you know, part of the black blood in them and part of the Latino blood in them that together makes it.” California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, on California assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, the lone Latino Republican in the legislature.

Tuesday’s suck.

There I said it and I feel better because of it.  Sign of the week, which is ironic, because we are only two days into the week, oh well …. Never fails me how people take the English Language and mix it up to a point where to most people it is just about inane.  I wonder if they do this in other countries?  “You are invite to visit our restaurant where you can eat the Middle East Foods in a European ambulance.”

Mmmmmm, sounds yummy.

Sinuous:  Adjective of a serpentine or wavy form:  winding, marked by strong lithe movements, intricate or complex.  The hikers followed a sinuous path that curved around a lake and between two small hills.  If you are from the deep south it is “Hey honey can you get me another beer sinuous was going that way?”

Then there is the MTV channel where even the language in itself doesn’t make sense at all.

Take the word “Yo.

When followed by an apostrophe (yo’) a contraction of “you” or “your.”  How’s yo’ momma?  An informal address or title to one whose name is not known’ can be used as an interrogative address.  Hey, you!  What up, yo?  A declarative or imperative exclamation, whether alone within a sentence.

Yo!  What the hell do you think you are doing?  It’s Tuesday, nothing happen’ here, yo, do your job.  So ends today’s language lesson from Mr. English Person, tune into our page tomorrow where we will delve deep into modifiers, perhaps take a shot at popular euphemisms of modern day society.

I’ma now send you cryin’ to yo’ mama after I mess you up.

Word life!

What up with dat yo?


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