Been a tough week here in OKC, the staph infection started on the weekend or beginning of same, and it was touch and go for awhile.  It has finally reached a point where it is livable and the medicine seems to be working just fine, except “the cure is often worse than the disease” and it has made sick as a dog daily.

First of the week found me in a monumental hassle with the folks at the DMV and that emotionally charged encounter could have gone severe at any point in time.  Government in this country, whether it be federal, state, county and or local, is clearly dysfunctional and doesn’t work. 

If it is working it is on a level one wrung up the ladder from absolute failure.

One thing did occur about mid week that I found interesting.  Creative Endeavors turned over 1.1 million in visitors, that would be since March of last year.  1,100,108.  I kind of found that interesting, numbers have been dropping off here lately (mainly because I have not been posting all that much) and the comments section has dried up and withered away.

Here are some facts or thoughts about your webpage you visit each day. 

Mostly read by women, 45% of our readership is male, and 55% of our reader base is female.  A very high percentage of our daily population consists of ladies, and they are 50+ in age.  We have a very high percentage of Black Americans who come to the site each day.

35% of our readers are in the 35-49 range, 22% are 18-24, 11% are 11-17 years old, and 3% of our reader are below the age of 12.  A full 63% of you have no children in the house from age 0-17, and 37% do have children in the home aged 0-17.

71% of the people who come here to read this are Caucasian, 18% are Black Americans, 2% are of Asian orgin, 7% are Latino or Hispanic, and 3% are other, whatever that might be?   23% are in the 0-30K per year in income, 32% are 30-60K, 28% make 60-100K, and 16% or our readership are above 100K per year.

47% have no college, 41% college educated, and 12% have finished grade school.  On average we have 3,354 page views per month here in the USA, globally speaking, that number is 4,050.  Our most popular countries are USA, Canada,  Germany, UK, and Austrailia.  Here in the USA our most popular cities are Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles California. 

Our most popular states are Texas, Georgia and Illinois.   When we first started last year our ranking worldwide was 3.4 million or something, and last time I checked we were now down to 500,000+ something … we seem to have held on … We carved our little niche and found a place in the sun.

We recently acquired or were given a website grade of 75/100 for that means that of the hundreds of thousands of websites that have previously been evaluated, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 75%, of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness. The algorithm uses a proprietary blend of over 50 different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others. The website ranks 252,679 of the 1,006,527 websites that have been ranked so far.

Google Indexed Pages: 319  This number is the approximate number of pages on that have been stored in the Google index. The Google web crawler will visit the website periodically and look for new content for its index. Generally, the more pages your site has within the Google cache, the better.

Basically we are doing just fine. 

Top 28.11 % according to Alexa which is an online service that measures traffic for millions of sites on the Internet in a similar way to Nielsen television show ratings. Your website has an Alexa rank of 7,870,113 which is in the top 28.11 % of all websites in the world.  Not bad, when you stop to think about this:  “It didn’t even exist a little over a year ago.”   Like the commercial on television says …………. “You have come a long ways baby.”

Thanks gang, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Have a great weekend, we will see y’all (Okie talk) on Monday.


2 thoughts on “Milepost

  1. I agree, you are doing fine!


  2. Congrats, Don; I know you have put a lot of your blood, sweat, and tears into this great blog.

    Hope you are feeling better–
    Thanks to both of you, it has been a chore at times, but in the end, the results have been good, so i guess it all works out. I am doing well, but the anti-biotics drag me down bad, and I have at least one more week of that.


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