June Index 2009

[06-01] Staff Infection Listen y’all I have acquired a staff infection (often known as a boil or a cyst) and I have to take some time off to address this problem.  I am anti-biotic’s and pain killers and I am sleeping quite a lot. When I get to feeling better (sometime next week I assume) I will start in […]

[06-03]  Wednesday’s Tuesday Affliction People are funny Lot of folks want something from you, very few are willing to give you something back.  Not being all that sure when this practice became “common place” in America but I can tell you this.  I am not a big fan of it.  Everywhere I go someone is barking at me, “Zip code!” […]

[06-04] Mayors Sippyhole Early in the morning and the birds are singing, the dogs howl when the ambulance or the occasional fire truck races thru, sirens piercing the cool morning air.  I am sitting here, fresh cup of coffee staring at a blank screen wondering what in the world am I going to write about this day?  […]

[06-05]  Milepost Been a tough week here in OKC, the staph infection started on the weekend or beginning of same, and it was touch and go for awhile.  It has finally reached a point where it is livable and the medicine seems to be working just fine, except “the cure is often worse than the disease” and […]

[06-08]  Refilling the coffers. Recently President, or Ex-Presidente George Dubya Bush, was spotted giving the graduating seniors of a high school in Artesia, New Mexico, a commencement speech (how sad is that?).  He told them that he no longer felt the pressure and responsibility of being our president, and that in fact, it was kind of liberating.  […]

[06-09]  Television for the Insane A little of this and a Little of that An item on The View or The Ladies Channel, I forget, on how Kirstie Alley lost 75 pounds, it was incorrectly stated that she “ate … twenty six, seven, eight thousand calories a day.” The correct figures are six, seven eight thousand calories a day.  I have […]

[06-10]  Totally Blank and Recent I sure wish WordPress.com and Mozilla would fix their respective issues, this has been going on for two long, this shut down crap.  For a period of several weeks, whenever I try to load a picture into this mother, I get in return for my efforts, a system crash.  Fun is fun, but I am […]

[06-11] Mama Cave Bear Good News!  WordPress and Mozilla have found an apparent fix to thier problems and we can post photo’s again without being shut down on the browser.  This has been a monumental hassle the past several weeks and it is good to know that it is over.  I have missed the graphic’s and hated the back […]

[06-12]  In Memory of Little Brother Roughly one year ago I lost a very good friend, and I think of him from time to time, and today, I thought I might devote the page today to his memory.  Tomorrow he will be gone one full year, it doesn’t seem like it, but still it is very real. ============= There is only one thing […]

[06-15]  Lunch Under the arch News is reporting that gasoline is “inching upwards” again.  It goes up .11 cents in less than twenty-four hours and that is “inching?”  Give me a break.  Oh well, plenty of negative stuff in the world, and it is not my duty to report it, so here we go. Saturday  morning, I find myself at “McDonalds” […]

[06-16]  I hate Tooooesday! I make no secret of it, I am not all that in love with Tuesdays, as a matter of cold unadulterated fact, I believe, sincerely, that Tuesdays are unnecessary and the vast majority of us could live without them altogether.  Thank you for allowing me to elucidate my feelings on the subject, those of you […]

[06-17]  Tree Hugger Heard any good jokes lately? I thought so. While walking through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, a man came upon another man hugging a tree with his ear firmly against the tree. Seeing this he inquired, “Just out of curiosity, what  the heck are you doing?” “I’m  listening to the music of […]

[06-18]  Look to the Heaven’s … Look to the Sky A New York man is suing Bumble Bee Tuna for $100,000 for allegedly choking on a 1.5 inch tuna bone in a sandwich.  He says that he choked for a minute and one-half on the bone before finally coughing it up.  He now says the incident ended his life long love affair with sandwiches made […]

[06-19]  Summertime Weenies Do good and they will screw you around anyway. An Ohio man has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for mowing the grass in a neglected public park.  The man admitted he continued mowing the foot high grass in the park after park officials asked him to stop, but says that since budget cuts forced […]

[06-22]  Callow Ramblings Not much good news going around, was hoping for an improvement over the weekend, but it appears to be the same old same old.  You know,  people are going to get addicted to this sooner or later, so when things do improve and it all gets better, there will still be a market for “bad […]

[06-26]  Best Laid Plans The above is a picture of Larry, Cenda, and my wife Yoko.  They are standing beside Larry’s 95 Prevo, his pride and joy.  Not long ago, Larry traded off his Eagle and made what he thought was a good call, and stepped up to a Prevost coach manufactured by Liberty.  It is a 95 model […]

[06-29]  Up On The Soapbox Again Hi Guy’s, greetings to all of you this Monday morning, I trust you had a productive and fruitful weekend and were sated and amused.  As I am an inquisitive sort, I often wonder about things.  All sorts of things.   Things in general, things that don’t seem right, this thing and that thing. Take Ol T Boone […]

[06-30]  Tough New Stance This morning, among the usual gaggle of “you just got to read this” I find a request to switch my domain name over to some outfit in Canada.  It seems the people that just charged me to renew my name, now want to rid themselves of it, and toss me aside to these people in […]