Graduation Time

Rain on the driveway this morning,  cool and soothing, nice to have it for a change of pace.  It stirs my soul ….  As the rain beats down upon my window pane, as Mother Nature disturbs the peace of mind I have found, as the wind and rain beat so violently upon my window pane, I think of you my love, drip, drip, drip.

An 82 year old man in Germany recently called the police to complain that someone was playing the same song over and over again at all hours of the day and night.  Officers found that the man had a musical card that someone had left on his window sill and when the wind blew a gentle breeze his way, the card would open, and play the music.

Best of intentions gone askew.

The news is on in the background, occasionally I glance over and check it out.  It is much the same, it never changes.  People are nuts, I am going to have to write something on that one day, take a shot at it.  Like this annual reporting of the fat-guy, at the local swimming pool, belly-floppin and making a huge wave, that is not news.

Knock it off Channel five, that is disgusting!

I respectfully now tell the computer …. “NO I DON’T WANT TO UPDATE THAT … LEAVE ME ALONE” and I notice that we are close to the last days of the month.  End of May rolling up, that is the time of the year, that the Oklahoma kids graduate from school, just “in the nick of time” to come home and work the wheat harvest.

Okie kids go in early and they are released early that is the way it goes.  I remember one year they had a sign out in front of the school that read:  LEXINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ANAL EXAMS MAY 27TH, 28TH AND 29TH.  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL MAY 29TH.

Higher education in Oklahoma.

This is also the time of the year when you hear all those stirring commencement speeches from political dignitaries and wanna-be’s.  Stuff like:  “I come to share the memories of a troubled past and a hope for a better tomorrow.  Our future matters, and it is up to us to take it back, put it into our hands, start marching toward a better tomorrow.” Which was the speech given by Hillary Clinton when she was running for some office, I forget.

So now you are graduating, good for you!  Welcome to the REAL WORLD 101 where you now will be indoctrinated into the nuances of good living in America.  Where even the language and the terminology is different, much different.  You will learn new meanings in your new beginnings.  Lethal assistance which means Afghanistan Aid, business ethics … Bailout for the rich and the corrupt … friendly fire, incoming from your own people, cover and duck!

Genuine veneer, uh huh sure.

If you are lucky, truly lucky, you might land a job in the government sector of our country.  This is where they provide us the answers to the issues, they give us the rules and the procedures, they set the standard for the rest of us.

This is the gold mine of good community living where you can be subject to racially sensitive issues.  Take the Delaware Department of Transportation who recently has been accused of insensitivity towards others.  They released a pamphlet advising employees to avoid such “workplace faux pas” as asking gay co-workers whether they’ve “thought about getting help”, offering black co-workers “chicken or watermelon” for lunch, and asking Latino co-workers, “can you help me out with my landscaping?”

It appears that in America, it is still necessary to shock people every now and then in order to get their attention.

Believe it or not, I can fondly remember graduating from High School way back in ’65, I graduated “first in my class” believe it or not.  (The shortest senior boy and girl, always went first, tradition and all that y’know?)  When I graduated from High School I got a trip to Vietnam for my Senior Trip, hopefully that will not happen to the graduates of 2009.

When I came back some four years later to my hometown and did my best to blend into the local economy and society in general, they told me that my naval training would assist me in the private sector.  Unfortunately, American Airlines wasn’t hiring any tail-gunners at the time, so I went to work for the Railroad.

High School taught me one important lesson in life.  “Whatever you practice most is what you will eventually become.”  When you get down to the “nitty-gritty” the nuts and bolts of it, that is about it.  Or just do like my Grandma used to say, “Donnie, when are you going to learn to zip your lip?” that will work too.  (warning it is not for the faint of heart)

Have a great Tuesday.