Memorial Day

flagI suppose a lot of folks look at this day from a perspective of a day off from work.  Maybe a barbecue or cookout in the backyard with friends and neighbors.

Big NASCAR race on today, along with the running of the Indy 500, both now American Traditions.

Being a vet and all, this day carries with me a special meaning, and not long ago I got into a little heated debate about it with some of the Deacon’s in the church.

You see, my church for whatever reason they have deemed appropriate consider this day a day to “celebrate the dead in the church, all those old saints that went on before us” and not to acknowledge the sacrifice of veteran’s in wars now long past.

One thing that was required was “to stand in honor of these elders who have passed on” and I did not stand.

Which of course was noted and after wards I was approached about it and asked for an explanation.  Me being me (you know how it is if you are regular reader of this page) had little trouble expressing my thoughts on the subject.  Suddenly I found myself more than eager to tell them what I thought about it, and explain why it was “I did not stand in honor.”

Having seen a lot of my brothers come home “wrapped in the flag” (draped over their coffins) I don’t cotton to paying respect to those who did not bother to serve.  It just doesn’t set well with me, and I make no apologies for my behavior in church or elsewhere when it comes to this holiday and the flag of this country.  These people made the ultimate sacrifice for us and our nation, and they deserve the respect and honor accorded to them.

This is a day to step back from it all, think about all those who gave so much and pay homage to the Nation’s war dead, it is not a celebration of war, but an heartfelt acknowledgment of a patriotic soul who served and died on a foreign shore.  I for one intend to do that, drive to the cemetery and place a wreath or packet of flowers on a buddy or two.

Although they have been gone for what seems eon’s of time, they still hold a special place in my heart.