Higher Education

In the spirit of doing what I say and not what I do, one leader of the Mexican drug cartels called “The Family” has insisted that when gang members are not selling cocaine and murdering their rivals, that they attend gang-run classes in ethics, values, and personal improvement and also abstain from drugs and alcohol.

Now don’t you feel just terrible, all this time you were thinking they were just your run of the mill murdering thugs, and it turns out that they do have socially redeeming qualities after all?

While we are the subject of education.  Nice blend, eh?

A woman in Irving Texas has convinced school authorities that her daughter cannot wear her shirt tails tucked in, for religious reasons.  Yeppers, you read that right.

The 7 year old had been ordered to tuck in her shirt by her school principal, but she argued that she was “being persecuted” for being a Christian.  The Bible requests that “woman to adorn themselves in modest apparel with propriety and moderation.” The mother said the shirt out was a necessary thing, because “she did not want her behind showing.”

Check please.

Now her is a classy mother, seem to be on a mother kick this morning, don’t know why.  A mother in Los Angeles did a total makeover when she hired a stripper to attend her 10 year old high school reunion in her place.  Being a self conscious geek in school, she evidently could not stand the pressure of facing her classmates.

So she hired the stripper and with the aid of an ear piece she coached her stand-in counterpart, who wore, and then shed, a slinky dress and fishnet stockings.

Now there is a picture for the yearbook staff.

No brainer of the month.  As a cost cutting measure, the U.S. Bureau of Prisons has been allowing prisoners to transfer themselves.  Unescorted from one prison to another, who is the brainchild of this novel idea?  Officials recently confirmed that “some prisoners at minimum security facilities are given bus tickets and told to make the trip to the next prison on their own.”

And of course … Here it comes … “some prisoners have used this opportunity to escape on their own.”  Well ….. Duh?  Despite this one apparent drawback, officials have announced that the savings are substantial.

Protecting nature.  Swiss voters in the Alpine state of Appenzeil have outlawed the practice of hiking in the nude.  The tiny state had been recently inundated by hikers wearing nothing but socks and boots, most of them from the neighboring country of Germany.  Which reminds me, “Do you know how Germans tie their shoes?”:  With little knot-sies!

Yeah, I know pretty bad.  Okay moving on!

Germany, whose national culture encourages public nudity as healthy and freeing had nothing to say about this.  The Appenzeil government, though, said that most residents find the swarms of nude hikers “thoroughly disturbing and irritating.”

My ancestral roots are German, Guben Germany to be exact, and if you do not believe that last statement about it being ugly and all, drop by my house any night of the week around bath time and I will prove it to you.

Macho men, such as those who read this tripe and myself, are slowly being replaced anyway, we are a dying breed.  Take for instance the recent reports coming out of Japan that explicitly point to Japanese men as being more and more, classified as sissies.

The new generation of Japanese men are insufficiently macho it seems.  Unlike their fathers, those young men “don’t see women as sexual objects” (what is this world coming to!) instead they are gentle in their relationship with the other sex.  More men these days in Japan are interested in fashion or their own hobbies than falling in love.

Here in the west (America) men might be called metro-sexual.  In Japan, they are called soushokudanshi or “grass eating men.”  The grass eaters will happily graze alongside their female companions. Without any desire to mate.

Personally, being a lover of Asian women, when I see one, the last thing in the world I consider eating is … grass.  And that is a fact, yeah I know, don’t write me any letters.

In all fairness and honesty.  This is a problem, because Japan much like the U.S. is starting to gray out.  If the birthrate declines any further, the economic decline will accelerate, as fewer workers support more and more retiree’s.

So in essence the problem intensifies with this generation of men.  The modern Japanese male may be able to do without women, but Japan will not be able to do without couples and the offspring they produce.

Come on Mi-aggie-Son, go for it!