Rainy Day Blues

Lot of rain this week, one location received a copious biblical amount of moisture, seven inches of it in six hours, do the math, that is one soggy bottom.  Rainy days have a profound tendency to pull me down and I yearn for sunshine.  With the rain comes lightning and thunder, no internet as the cable service is down.

So I may or may not get this posted, as this is Oklahoma, and when it rains in Oklahoma, the entire world shuts down.  Please do not ask me why, because I have no earthly idea why this state simply cannot function when it rains.  Come to think about it, “it don’t do all that good in the sunshine either.”

Being shut down and locked in doesn’t fair well with me.

As I have mentioned before, I am addicted, hopelessly addicted.  I am dependent on the Internet, I need it, this is the place where I come to vent.  I used to have “Letters to the Editor” in the Daily Disappointment, but I cannot force myself to even purchase a copy of it now, even at the bargain basement price of .50 cents per copy.  Once voted “the absolute worst newspaper in the entire United States” I cannot even to this day force myself to call it by its rightful name, it is that bad.  So I am shut in today, my only avenue of solace is the CMT channel and music videos, this laptop, and a healthy disdain for my station in life, such as it might be.

Thankfully I still have cable.

My electronic salvation is still alive and kicking.  I can keep abreast of what is going on with this Miss California issue where she recently came out of the straight closet and said publicly, “Marriage is for a man and a woman.” And now is being attacked by the gay community and every cheap television critic who happened to make a dime at defending gay rights in this country.

When did it become fashionable to attack people for having an opinion that is contrary to yours?  Personally what I see is basically “tasteless commentary in nature” but not to the point of being persecuted as a lot of folks are saying.  Let’s see, they can fix my hair backstage, but they cannot marry.  I got it.

Even Brother Al Gore is being roasted over the spit of public opinion, rumored to be making a profit for trying to save the planet.  Isn’t anything sacred anymore, meanwhile the water boarders and the masochistic elected amongst us, sit back and bask in the sunshine of their well endowed government pensions.  Unfortunately the questions remain.  Why do we even bother debating whether torture is right or wrong, when the apparent answer is clear.


The fat cats in the nice suits, continue to gorge themselves at the public’s expense at the federal trough, loyal workers are led to the front gate and let go.  Our children go to bed hungry at night and our elderly dine on dog food because they cannot afford their prescriptions AND food.  And all the while, we worry about Miss California.

It seems to me we are kicking the wrong dogs here.


Cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress Online.