Junk Mail

From time to time I have to stop and re-evaluate what it is that I do, and determine if it is worth the time and effort it takes to make it all work.  One thing I have done here lately has come back to bite me and that was in a practice that I developed or adopted.

This concerns emails and the dissemination of information concerning this site.

A lot of folks believe that it is necessary every now and then to send out an email to get “back in touch with readers who have dropped out.”  In theory this is a good idea, but from a practical standpoint, it is fatally flawed.  You see, when you send out as I was sending out (a month of summaries, what had occurred on the site for 30 days) it made it volumes of information that I now see was for the most part … uninteresting.  It wouldn’t be a big stretch to say it was “junk mail” pure and simple.

Having discovered the flaws in mail outs, it appears that it could be done in a different fashion.  A better concept would be to send out a weekly synopsis (five or six posts total) and make it a lot less wordy.  The idea was to draw traffic to the blog, and to help it grow.  It was not designed to harass or irritate the recipients, which I have found in some cases, is exactly what it did.

Mail outs are sort of like the television show “American Idol” where the contestants believe or think they can sing, when in reality they cannot.  When you mail out the works of a month of publishing, you assume everyone shares your views and your passion on the issues mentioned, when in reality, a lot of them could care less.

What you are doing is “bothering them” and that was not the original intent.

When you do this mail out you also mistakenly assume that the people who are the recipients of this mail out appreciate what it is that you are doing.  Far from it, a lot of folks I have discovered, do not share my enthusiasm and interests, and resent the mailing(s).  So, having learned from my experience, I am going to stop doing this, in the end, we should all benefit from it.  At least that is the game plan for right now, this is where it is headed.

Our post today is just to point out that all the tips and procedures that you read about on the web, don’t always work or lead to a positive effective result.  Might take it with a grain of salt and think about it the next time you want to do some kind of mass mail out on your site to generate traffic.  If you write a blog or publish on the web, this could be of value to you, a pointed example of what works and what doesn’t.

Perhaps it is a good thing that a person could not at any time, turn around and look upon the mistakes of his life.  If it were so, my path would be littered with numerous markers to remind me of all the issues I have dealt with over the years, the good and the bad.

If any of you have found yourselves on the receiving end of one of my mail outs, and it irritated you, I apologize. Hopefully I have learned the lesson in all of this and it will not happen again.  Such is life, you fix what needs fixing and you throw away what it is that doesn’t work.

You try and move on and make it better.


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