Refilling the Coffers

033009Figured on starting out with a article on terrorism this morning, but I lost the draft, and since I cannot produce the body of work that I desire.  I have to go to the old time stand-by that always seemed to fit the bill.

George Dubya Bush.

There is an old saying that goes something like, “Politicians are clearly out of touch with the working man and far removed from the norm of society.” I am pretty sure that this would apply to Ex-Presidents.  Mr. Bush, having just recently returned from a whirlwind tour of Canada to replenish the family coffers would come under this heading.

Last I heard, the media was reporting that he left Washington DC with an accumulated wealth of some $21 million dollars.

So for lack of something better, I find myself reading this article in the Dallas Daily that says Mr. Bush is replenishing the family stocks in this apparent time of need.  Feeling a “need to replenish” when you are sitting on a mountain of cash is somewhat out of touch.  Clearly this is out of sync with the rest of the country who at last count was suffering terribly just trying to put groceries on the table.

Mr. Bush started out in March in Calgary Canada on his first speaking engagement since leaving the presidency, most of his speeches were for small business groups.  His goal is ten speeches per year.  Which to most would seem achievable or a somewhat trivial goal.  But most have never seen Mr. Bush give a speech or a lecture.  This will be a formidable challenge for him, just lining up ten locations that are willing to sit thru one of these.

His presentations have the theme of a doorstop that could talk kind of feel to them.

Now for the poor working stiff, just imagining a life with $21 million in assets is a big stretch, unless you are a recent lottery winner.  I cannot imagine how it would feel to think “I was in need of cash, while sitting on a financial base as Mr. Bush apparently has.” Insecurity must be playing in this heavily and thus, the apparent need to hit the trail and get on the stumping path across North America.

Calgary today, Saskatchewan next, Bakersfield and Modesto … the family coffers are low … and the sky is the limit.

They say a wise man knows his limitations and I assume this is why the Ex-President is now back in Dallas and said to be writing some 1,500 words per day (now there is a spelling checker that is getting a workout).  He is writing this for his memoir, which will explain how he decided to send troops to Iraq.  His response to Hurricane Katrina, the formation of his stem-cell policy, and his relationship with his father.

After this he is scheduled to open his “library of freedom” in Texas, where rumor has it, he will “rewrite history” (as Mr. Bush see’s it).  Might be a good idea, I hear that libraries are the only place in America that are still lending.

As for today, he seems to be content to sit in his little bungalow in Dallas, rewriting the past.  Waxing nostalgic is like a grammar lesson.  You find the present tense, but the past perfect.  Which will be right in character for this man.

I suppose there will be a lot of media hoopla about this library of freedom project to open in the near future, perhaps maybe even a contest of sorts.  The X numbered visitor will receive a prize or something like that.

Grand prize?

How about a foreclosed Condo in Florida with a repo’ed GM Hummer on the driveway … that would be appropriate don’t you think?


“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)