2 thoughts on “Is This Real Life

  1. I think I saw this one one CNN the other day and it is funny. It reminded me of the the old Tim Conway/Harvey Korman routine:

    i MISS GOOD QUALITY PROGRAMMING … WHY IS THIS DOING THAT! Oh, I see, Carol was timeless and so were the antic’s of Conway and Korman. I miss the good stuff like that, now adays we have this “reality” crap and believe me, that isn’t my bag at all. Thanks for checking in, hope your back is better.


  2. Thanks, the back is getting better day by day. (Hey, wasn’t that a song?)
    I haven’t been commenting much lately because I just want to get away from it all.
    Go to:


    Bring up the video of The Word, which is “Ablacknophobia.” This may give you a whole new prespective on AG Holder’s comments that you were ranting about 2 days ago. Hee, hee!
    Ranting? I prefer “commenting” to ranting, I seldom rant, c’mon. Just like I always tell the truth, except sometimes, often, I embellish in order to clarify, but I ALWAYS tell the truth. Ranting indeed.

    I did go over there and check it out (http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/219746/february-25-2009/the-word—ablacknophobia) and I found it amusing. thanks.


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