Everyday Heroes


Gimme an A!  — “We gotcha your eh … We gotcha your eh!”

Jonesboro Georgia – A high school dance team at Jonesboro High School was disbanded after parents complained about a provocative routine performed at a basketball game Jan. 13. A school district spokeswoman said the eight-member group will not be allowed to perform or represent the school the rest of the school year. No disciplinary action was planned.  Too much school spirit I guess.

Indecent Proposal

Bismarck North Dakota – State senators decided they don’t want the state in the business of registering strippers and sex shops. They voted 45-1 to defeat a bill that sought to require sex businesses and nude dancers to register with the Tax Department. The bill also would have required sex workers to keep detailed records of their income.  The first time I ever heard the word “sex workers” was in reference to hookers working in India, but it seems to have migrated to America.  It really doesn’t matter, “if there is such a thing as sex workers” then I am definitely “unemployed” these days and that is a fact.

Wedded Bliss

A man and woman had been married for more than 60 years. They had shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no secrets from each other except that the little old woman had a shoe box in the top of her closet that she had cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about.  For all of these years, he had never thought about the box, but one day the little old woman got very sick and the doctor said she would not recover.

In trying to sort out their affairs, the little old man took down the shoe box and took it to his wife’s bedside.  She agreed that it was time that he should know what was in the box. When he opened it, he found two crocheted dishcloths and a stack of money totaling $95,000.

He asked her about the contents. ‘When we were to be married,’ she said, ‘my grandmother told me the secret of a happy marriage was to never argue. She told me that if I ever got angry with you, I should just keep quiet and crochet a dish cloth.’

The little old man was so moved; he had to fight back tears. Only two precious dish cloths were in the box.? She had only been angry with him two times in all those years of living and loving. He almost burst with happiness.

‘Honey,’ he said, ‘that explains the dish cloths, but what about all of this money? Where did it come from?’

‘Oh,’ she said, ‘That’s the money I made from selling the dish cloths.’

Dear Lord, I pray for Wisdom to understand my man;
Love to forgive him; And Patience for his moods;
Because Lord, if I pray for Strength,
I’ll beat him to death, because I don’t know how to crochet.

Remember that old movie with Ryan O’Neil where the chick dies at the end and they say “Love is never having to say your sorry?” or some other hokey unbelievable line.  Love does NOT mean never having to say you’re sorry.  It means having to say you’re sorry over and over again, in new and different ways, every day, every week, every month, every year, until God grants you his mercy and you finally blissfully die.

That is love.

baracks-houseIt appears that Baracks House has finally run its course, and it is starting to wind down.  At one time, it hit an all time high of 128,411 hits in “one day” and that is certainly noteworthy.  Ever since the inauguration it has steadily declined in numbers and seems to be fading off into the sunset.  Each day the numbers decline and it becomes less popular, it enjoyed a good run, first posted in July of last year, it was a huge hit and numbers generator for this site.

What Makes A Hero?

The co-pilot of the jet that went down in the Hudson River last week received a heroism award this week.  What separates a hero from everyone else?  What is the dividing line between a hero and a dud.  I think about the Hudson River crash … and I wonder what I would have done … What would you have done?

Geraldo’s “conspiracy theory did not hold water either” that quietly faded away, which is what I would like to see the FOX Network do …. Just go away.  Flush Limbaugh and O’Riely in 2009.

Here is another strange thing about it.

Connecticut lottery officials had to stop selling tickets bearing the number 1-5-4-9 combination after the crash of the airliner.  So many people requested the combination that the lottery hit its 1,600 ticket quota the next day.  In the end it didn’t really matter, the numbers chosen were completely different.

People are really nuts aren’t they?

Reminds me of the one where the guy walked around all day long, muttering to himself, “Lord, give me six numbers on the lottery.”  … “Oh Lord, please give me a winning ticket on the lottery.” … “Oh Lord, just five numbers Lord, I don’t need it all to be happy.” … “Please Lord, if you give me a winning ticket on the lottery, I will tithe millions to the church.”

And then one day while walking down the street, a voice from heaven boomed down to this hapless soul who did not have a clue … The voice in a huge unearthly tone said … “Give me a break.  Buy a ticket!”

T.G.I.F. — Lookie there you made it.


“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)