Doom And Gloom


The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!  Remember that old nursery rhyme?

What about that Indian in Lil’ Abner, he walked around every where, all day long, with this huge black cloud hanging over his head, threatening to rain.

Everyone it seems is ready to throw in the towel.  Well not me, I got a little left, bring it on.

Even president Obama seemingly is hyperventilating. In Sunday’s speech, before the inauguration, he said “I stand here today as hopeful as ever that the United States will endure.”

Endure?  What, we close up shop and no one told me?

As one reporter on FOX put it:  “Did he think the country might actually go out of business? Merge with France? Sell out to Wal-Mart? That we might decide that Citigroup was too frail, Iraq too complex and our waistlines too bulging to carry on? What did he mean?”

To come to the point quickly, I know all about “endure.”

I just finished eight years of it!

I remember when Cup Cake was sick and she was in the hospital, the doctors were having a little difficulty pin-pointing what was the cause of her condition (blood infection).  She began to have a pity party for one, and was lamenting the fact that “she was going to die.”  So in an effort to cheer her up and bolster her worrisome position I said, “don’t be silly, you owe wayyyyyy too much money to die.”  And that seemed to work.

Same thing here, America is in a tight vise right now, economically speaking, but the rest of it is working out just fine. The voice of doom prognosticators and the media Sooth-Sayers are saying that we are on the edge of our national death bed and surely, the world as we know it is coming to an end.

Aint so.

We are for the most parts, holding our heads above water and things are looking rather good.  Look around, check it out.  Wall Street and the Banker’s are doing better (since we gave them what they wanted) and other than a lousy economy (which we have had before) things are not all that bad.

Take into consideration the Green Initiative being proposed.  At the very least, taking a bold step to do this ourselves instead of farming it out to foreign concerns, the Green Initiative stands to produce some two million jobs.  If we just reach down and grab our bootstraps, roll up our sleeves and get busy, we can turn this thing around in a matter of a few short years.

Advances in technology are improving our standard of living, medicines are improving our health and our longevity, we can now literally reach out to the planet and the world is at our finger tips.  This blog is a good example of that, it is in 170 countries worldwide and it didn’t even exist at this time last year.

USA!  USA!  I aint much … but baby I am all you got.

I like it here, we are living longer, we have 8 out of 10 serious diseases in full retreat.  Our lights are still on, there is still something in the cabinet to eat, and I didn’t fly down to Texas to retire in the Dark Ages of Midland.  Crime is down, been going down for at least ten years now, despite the fact that we lost the war on drugs a long, long time ago.

No more junk mail from MasterCard, Visa or DiscoverCard, my old hoopie is still running and American Idol is back replete with Simon, Randy and Paula … Even kind of dig the new chick, I think she is cool.

I am doing alright.

We have come a long, long ways down the proverbial beaten path, and we are not down and out, not just yet.  None of this signifies the end of civilization or democracy as I know it.  Socially, economically, and technologically speaking, we have made a leap of unparalleled personal and economic freedom, and we will recover.

All you have to do is “see the glass as already broken and everything else too.”  Once you get past that, the rest of it is just a cakewalk to better times.