All We Had Was Slingshots.

Sorry I am a little late posting today, our onomastics meeting ran a little over, and I was delayed, hope you understand.  My box seems to be filling with “anti-Obama material” and all these rum-drums feel the need to convince me that the way things are is not all that is so ….. try and figure that one out?  I read on average about two or three lines, and then I deep-six it (trash it) and move on.

What people seem to not understand is there is an enormous difference between an occasional venting session where you’re letting off steam, versus making venting an integral part of your regular communications.

Ready – Aim – Fire!

Boys will be boys, isn’t that what they say?  On the Southside of Oklahoma City, police have confiscated a potentially lethal home-made cannon capable of firing potatoes up to 50 yards.  Six youths living right under the nose of a City Councilman, used instructions on the Internet to build the weapon from everyday household objects.

There were reportedly aiming the home-made device at elderly joggers (walking at a fast pace) in the neighboring vicinity of a local park.  At last report, the only casualty was an elderly Cocker Spaniel of mixed breed, named Millie, who was temporarily knocked unconscious by one of the Boise Idaho, projectiles.

“This home-made weapon is extremely dangerous both for those using it and those being fired at.” A police spokesman was quoted as saying to the curious NewsNine reporter.  Who just happened to stop by from an important film shoot at the local El Chico Mexican food franchise right across the street, something about carpet stains or some other newsworthy issue.

The boys loaded potatoes down a plastic tube, where an electric ignition device from gas-fueled barbecue was installed.  By spraying a flammable gas into the tube and sealing the open end with a cap, potatoes were converted into projectiles with one push of the little red ignition button.

Police said the cannon was capable of launching any object similar in size and weight to potatoes.  Which translated came to mean, “Duh?” and no more. (the NewsNine reporter seemed to look a tad bit confused)   This is the point where she announced “Official police department statements” were not forthcoming from that point on.

Higher Learning thru the Internet

Aren’t you glad you shelled out the $49.95 per month for the high-speed to educate Junior?  Now quick, jump in your car, drive home and see if your home is still where you left it this morning when you headed out for work.

The entire world is going nuts today and here I sit with an empty salt shaker.

There is this story going around about a New Yorker whose life was loping along miserably.  So he decided to consult a psychiatrist to help him change.  He found a doctor on Park Avenue, entered the office.  Instead of a receptionist, the office had two doors, one marked “men” and the other marked “women.”

He went through the men’s door and came upon two more doors, one marked “Extrovert” and the other was marked “Introvert.”  Knowing full well that he was an introvert, he entered thru that door.  He then found himself facing but two more doors, one marked, “those making at least $40,000 per year” and another that read, “those making less than $40,000 per year.”  He chose the later, knowing he made less than that sum.  So he entered the door and found himself back on Park Avenue.

The lesson

“We are accountable for our own lives.  Habitual actions, limiting self-talk and thinking others are responsible for us lead to dead ends.”

Now get out there!  Design and build your own Potato Cannon!  Show the world, and these little boogers, that you are capable, willing and ready to excel.  That you are still amongst the living.

(Now aren’t you glad that you stopped by Creative Endeavors today?)

Having the day off because of the inauguration I am going back to my book …. “Her skirt was very short, and Josh found himself mesmerized by her perfectly shaped, silken legs with kneecaps that reminded him of Golden Apples.”

Excerpt from Sen. Barbara Boxer’s novel A Time To Run …… I’ll say.

Think I will go take a nap.


Boxcars’ T-Shirt Philosophy for life:

  • Winning the Lottery will not spoil me I promise.
  • Talk is cheap, until you hire a lawyer.
  • Men are idiots and my wife married their apparent King.
  • Life is too short to drink cheap wine.
  • The only good cat is a ….. well you most likely heard it before.
  • You got out of bed for this?