Baracks House

Barack’s House

(Parody of Brick House by The Commodores)

Ow! It’s The White House
We finally might be
Just letting a bro hang out
Obama’s White House
He might paint it black
Put a hoop out back
Rush Limbaugh has a heart attack

Ow! Barack’s House
Well come November everybody knows
This is how the story goes

Obama beats John McCain
Then he rolls on up the moving van
Yeah, Yeah! How can he lose
To some old white dude
50 states
November 4 2008 he’s a winning man

His crib’s The White House
Yeah! Thanks to Oprah Winfrey
He’s been letting his soul hang out
It’ll be Barack’s house
First Lady’s got back
That’s a fact
You better not talk no smack Yow

Chick a change chick a chane change
Beat McCain with a cane now
Getting down getting down now
Getting down

Ow! Barack in The House
Yeah! Not just for whitey
We’re letting the bro hang out
Barack’s house
Yeah! He’s the one
The chosen one
We’ll move him into



George Bush Told Lies (audio)


George Bush Told Lies
(Parody of Big Girls Don’t Cry by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons)

George Bush told lies

George Bush told lies

George Bush told lie-ie-ies

He told lies

George Bush wasn’t nice

He should apologize

The deficit is flying sky-y high

Why oh why

Now the well is runnin’ dry

The White House lied

Read my lips

Told us all that things would be fine

Read my lips

I can’t believe we bought that line

Read my lips

You know it came as no surprise

George Bush told lies

George Bush told lies

George Bush told lies

“Never forget the hand that helps you up or the boot that shows you the door.”

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