River City Blues (video)

If Doris “deep in the heart of Texas” can take some pride in her heritage … Why can’t you?  Nothing stopping you, go for it.  Mr. Obama cannot do it all … You have to do your part. What was that thing James Brown used to shout … I am black … I am proud … Shout it out loud. As they say south of the Red River, “It’s an attitude thang, Y’all.”

If you want to contact this talented lady here is the link:  RiverCityBluz

One-One Day


Your first day of boot camp is known as your “one-one day” (first week – first day) and as you progress thru the regime, that changes.  Today is Mr. Obama, or I guess I should say, President Obama’s One-One day.  It would be so much more joyous and wonderful an occasion if he was not stepping onto a stage that isn’t littered with the bad mistakes and body bags of those who preceded him.

Perhaps this is the start of a greater good for the nation, where the old wounds and the scars from the past are healed within the womb of our new First Family.  CrackerBoy said it well today on his site:  Black Cats is the name of the piece.

Soon the euphoria and the Honey Moon will be over, reality will set in, and the healing process or the continuing decay will again be in the forefront and under a close scrutiny by all. The pundits and the critic’s will again have their day.

America — Sick or healed, only God knows the answer.

As we speak, the newly unemployed are lining up in the nation’s air-conditioned bars to commiserate over their layoffs.  It is hot and smoky inside, as the gin and tonic’s flow freely.  Buddy, can you spare a lime?  They do not cry alone, for reports of loss of thousands of jobs isn’t all that strange anymore.  And these thousands are joined by a new phenomenon: Unmitigated optimism and a promise of a new deal.

Can Mr. Obama turn all this around or has George Bush done so much damage to the economy and the country in general, that it is simply irreversible.  This is our new reality.  And for the most part, you as a member of a democracy are powerless to do anything about it.  When you get the boot these days, your rights stop right there.  You no longer have rights; rights are old hat, passé’.

So where does this leave you, the savvy dismissed worker who has to adopt an air of hurt nobility and then slink off into obscurity.  Do you berate your employer for leading you down the garden path of life — for making you work long hours in the expectation of advancement or at least job security.  For allowing you to foolishly think that you would get your slice of the American Dream?

Or do you sympathize with the employer’s plight.  He had no option but to axe you and 3,000 of your fellow workers, it was you or the corporate jet.  Tough choices had to be made.

Recently a friend of mine used the word “betrayed” when he discussed or described the mess we seem to be in right now.  He said, “The Bush Administration and the rest of them had betrayed us, and that they should have to stand trial for their crimes against the Constitution and the American people.”  Which to a certain degree, I have to agree.  They surely made it quite clear that they feel we are owed nothing in all this.  Nothing but a $4,000 (and growing) tax burden for each and every one of us.

So we check our watch and low and behold, it is time for “The New Deal.”

But is it?  The last time this was tried on a major scale was some 75 years ago, with unpredictable results, some say it worked and some say it did not.  What we have now compared to then would shock FDR, this new deal is some $1.5 Trillion and counting upwards.  Face it, here is the reality, the last time this country tried to get something on the scale of this done, was the Golden Gate Bridge and Hoover Dam, both delivered on time and under cost.  But those things never happen these days, ask anyone in Boston, and throw in the words “Big Ditch.”

Not only is this administration studying the principles and techniques of FDR, they are also studying his speeches, searching for the rhetoric necessary to convince this populace that all of this will work.  Resurrecting FDR from the dead isn’t going to accomplish what it is that we need.  In his time the country was dead broke, millions out of work and for the most part, all of the policies offered by his administration did not work, it was World War II that ended the recession or depression, whatever they are calling it this week.

Mr. Obama wants to overhaul the nation’s roads and bridges, improve inner-city schools, update the power grid, and launch a host of other wildly ambitious projects.  And he wants to do all this with enormously complex legislation passed and implemented in a matter of weeks.  Now step back and take a look at that.  The recent billion dollar bailout of the bankers and Wall Street was passed in a record amount of time, literally weeks.

As Dr. Phil is fond of saying …. “How’s that working for you?”

Mr. Obama wants it right now.  He wants all of it now, he wanted it yesterday, to insure that all of it (deficit spending) will have a chance of helping the country now, rather than later on down the line.

Ambitious, yes.  Smart, we’ll see.

Everyone is being promised that things will be better, much better, in the long run.  Only one snag in that school of thought.  “People eat every day, they do not eat in the long run, and neither do their children.” As for me, I don’t have any quick answers just my thoughts on the matter and that is about it.

If President Obama does accomplish this feat, he will evidently be, hands down, one of the greatest presidents this country has ever seen.  If he doesn’t … he will be on the bottom rung of the food chain, and it will be soon, about this time next year I would venture to say.  That is how America works these days — That is — when America is “working.”

Yesterday the G.O.P., The Democrats and all the others got their message of change —  now we will see if anyone was listening.


Parting Shot: Yes We Did

“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)