We Did Good

“What’s Next?”

One of our regular readers ventured that to me after hitting the one million mark.

What is next?  Good question.

Having hit the magic One Million mark this past week, the question occurs to me what do you do to top that.  Hitting one million visitors in a little over ten months is quite an accomplishment and it certainly is a mile marker in my somewhat limited experience as a writer or a hack.  So having reached the summit of the mountain, what is next?

I have been contemplating it and searching for an answer, and really, I just don’t know.  Never having considered reaching a pinnacle such as this, it is baffling to me as to what I should shoot for now.  Internet Bloggers are a funny bunch, eh?  Out of curiosity mostly, I goggled boxcarokie.com and surprisingly there is a lot of stuff over there about Creative Endeavors.

But one thing out of all of it stuck with me, it said “BoxcarOkie’s site is a lot of fun.”  And that I thought was pretty cool, because that is exactly what it should be, a nice little watering hole that you can come to for a little respite from the lousy news outside your door.  That has always been a major concern here, that and communicating.  Perhaps you can help me out with something else I have on my mind this morning?

They say there are three ways to communicate in this world.

  1. Telephone
  2. Telegraph
  3. Tell a woman

Skyewriter over at NovemberFifth is trying to get this bloggin thing cranked up for but one more time, and it appears she has a good start at it, this is her third attempt at blogging.  She is wanting everyone to send her a comment, just a line, from all of the places in the world that receive her site.

She wants to know what kind of day you are having and what it is like where you are?  Which is commendable, first it shows a genuine interest in the planet and the Internet Community, won’t you please avail yourself of the link on this page, and just take a minute to drop by and encourage her just a tad bit more?

We never seem to understand that when we hit the “publish button” that what it is that you have on the page, goes out ALL OVER THE WORLD and that is something.  When I look at the list of countries that read our stuff, I am bowled over.  Especially the countries that are not English speaking countries, that just kind of mystifies me to no end.  We are now in the following countries:

United States  Canada  United Kingdom  Germany  Australia  Bermuda  Jamaica  Japan  Virgin Islands,  U.S.Netherlands  Mexico  Bahamas  Trinidad and Tobago France  India  Indonesia  Italy  Korea, Republic of Philippines   South Africa  Brazil   Saudi Arabia   Spain  Singapore   Israel   Barbados   Nigeria  Sweden   Norway Belgium  Kuwait   Europe  Iraq   Switzerland   Tanzania, United Republic of Kenya   Puerto Rico  Panama   United Arab Emirates  Finland  Turkey  Poland   Thailand   Greece Denmark Antigua and Barbuda Ghana  New Zealand Ireland Malaysia  Qatar   Austria   Egypt   Netherlands Antilles  Czech Republic   Argentina  Belize Pakistan Romania  Portugal  Hungary   Grenada  Guam   Chile  Oman   Bahrain  Russian Federation   Peru   Costa Rica   Ethiopia   Dominican Republic   Hong Kong  Uganda   Taiwan  Lebanon   Virgin Islands, British   Colombia  Cayman Islands   Serbia   Venezuela   Guyana  Vietnam   Asia/Pacific Region   Dominica   Zambia  Turks and Caicos Islands  Saint Kitts and Nevis    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  Slovenia   Iran, Islamic Republic of   Lithuania   Anguilla   Afghanistan   Croatia  Jordan  Aruba  Nepal  Estonia   Botswana  Bulgaria  Slovakia   SriLanka  Senegal  Luxembourg   Bangladesh   Morocco   Honduras  Iceland  Haiti  Malta  Brunei Darussalam  Macedonia   Cote D’Ivoire   Ecuador   Latvia   Uruguay  Guadeloupe   Ukraine  Zimbabwe   Namibia   Tunisia  Benin  Algeria

Sierra Leone   Cambodia   Guatemala   Moldova, Republic of   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Bolivia   Mauritius  SyrianArab Republic   El Salvador  Northern Mariana Islands   Fiji   Nicaragua   Yemen   Gambia  China   Macau   Seychelles   Gibraltar   Cyprus Palestinian Territory Liberia Maldives Lesotho Malawi Swaziland Montserrat French Guiana Suriname American Samoa Sudan Armenia Congo British Indian Ocean Territory Rwanda Burundi Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Micronesia, Federated States of Papua New Guinea Angola Albania  The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uzbekistan Mongolia Djibouti — Last count was 170 countries.

Take a moment out of your day, where-ever you are this day, and drop this girl a line, boost her spirit a little, and add your two cents into the bowl of encouragement.  This is one of those things where you do something really nice for someone else, and just keep it to yourself, revel in the abundant joy of giving.  Even if it is as insignificant as just a moment or two of your time.

You will be surprised on how it makes YOU feel in the end.

Eugene sent me an email this week and he wanted to know “How is it that you get all of these people to come to your site?”  And I suppose there is no pat answer Eugene, but I did throw some things together for you and it is linked here.  Internet Tips. Hopefully this might answer some of your questions.

I want to take this opportunity to once again thank all of you who spread the address around, talked it up and made this happen.  I could not have done it without you.

If you have any idea’s as to where we ought to take this thing next let me know, comments section is always open.  I am going to mull it over and work my way thru it, and when I come up with something, I will let you know.

Right now I am just going to sit back and bask in the sunshine of it all and eat it up a little.  1 million visitors in ten months … That is really something gang, we did good.

See Y’all (Okie Talk), come on back Monday, we are going to kiss Bush good-bye..


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  1. DON!

    You are the best.

    What can I say other than, thank you so much!
    Congratulations! You were way ahead of schedule, huh?

    Lots o’ love,
    NBD – you are welcome


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