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The rig count in America again drops this week, we don’t have to go looking for it anymore, the price is down.  Our fuel problem has been solved, all it took was a major recession to do it. As it inches upward again, I am wondering why no one is drilling anything other than the consumer or the U.S. Taxpayer.

The Numbers Are Not Good — Sorry.

693,000 jobs were cut in December and more to come.  The U.S. Economy is now stepping into one of the worst downturns since World War II.  Lenovo, China’s biggest personal-computer maker is laying off some 2,500 people because of no demand for their product.  Unemployment here in the United States is predicted now to exceed 9.2% by 2010.  Things are so bad now, that the government announced that the “end of the world” has been postponed by at least two years, so that they can try and collect some of the $1.2 trillion that they owe on the National Debt.

Fueling the Poor

Citgo, the Venezuelan government’s U.S.-based oil subsidiary, reversed course Wednesday and said it will continue shipments of heating oil to poor families in the United States.  How sad is that, we have a foreign country, who’s dictator calls our President disparaging names and insults him in public (United Nations) supplying the fuel to heat the homes of our nation’s poor.  Chavez an outspoken critic of the U.S. has often been quoted as calling Bush “El Diablo” (the devil)

Teen Birth Rates are up

Atlanta Disease Control released a new report today that found that Mississippi “now has the nation’s highest teen pregnancy rate, displacing Texas and New Mexico for that lamentable title.” The report found that in 2006, the Mississippi teen pregnancy rate was over 60 percent higher than the national average and increased 13 percent since the year before.

Oxygen Starvation?

I understand that when you experience a heart attack, that often there is a lack of blood to the brain, and that in some cases, afterwards there is a memory loss.  Maybe this is what is the matter with the Vice President.  Dick Cheney is now claiming that he never exceeded his powers and that it is all “an urban legend.

I herby submit at this time, that the drive to select Puerto Rico as the fifty-first state be suspended.  I also propose that either the state of Texas or the State of Wyoming, be split down the middle, and then be renamed “the State Of Denial” to give all these nut jobs in Washington who seem to be out of touch with reality, a place to live and rule.  Sorry Puerto Rico.

Little Johnny is flunking out

Pittsburgh – Administrators at Pittsburgh Public Schools are defending a policy making 50% the lowest score students can receive. Since an “A” is 90% or above, a “B” is 80% to 89% and so on, administrators said allowing scores as low as zero gives an “F” too much weight. But teachers said some students won’t hand in assignments if guaranteed 50%.  When I was a kid, and I brought home an “F” it surely did carry too much weight, it was connected to the back of my dad’s hand.

The new curriculum in 2009 is as follows:

The Colonial Period – Basic thirteen colonies, first states, the common wealth.  The Civil War Period – Brother against Brother and the abolishment of Slavery.  The New Deal Period – FDR a chicken in every pot, Hoover Dam, let’s build a National Park.  The Deficit Period – The Bush years and the hallucination period of the Republican Party.

They can all activate and operate an X-box, send a text message, figure out a cellphone and its operating procedures in minutes, but they cannot read.  What is wrong with this picture?

What are you going to drink when you are thirsty?

Denver Colorado – Shell Oil filed for the first major water right on Yampa River in hopes of securing enough water for its oil shale development plans. Shell’s application seeks about 8% of the river’s peak spring flow. Shell said the water would be shipped to a reservoir for later use. Critics say extracting oil from shale uses too much water, which is in short supply.  Kind of makes you wonder what we will all be drinking when these companies get done polluting the last of the potable water.  If you don’t believe me, goggle oil sands or Frazier River Basin and look what they have done in Canada, and we are next.

Sorry … No Give Backs, they are not allowed.

Boise Idaho – The state attorney general said Gov. Otter, a Republican, cannot turn down a 3% pay raise. That means his salary bumps up to $111,989 for 2009. Otter announced last month he would reject the raise to show solidarity after ordering statewide budget cuts. Imagine that, a politician with some class.  Now he says he will donate the money to a scholarship fund.

Hard to believe isn’t it, here is a guy trying to do the right thing, and he is NOT allowed to do it.  I remember reading about people in Florida trying to give back Federal Money and they would not take it.  We have reached a point where we no longer suffer from our insanity, we are beginning to enjoy every minute of it every day.

It aint Starbucks, but it is a good close second.

Vassalboro Maine – This town’s planning board approved an application for a coffee shop with topless waitresses, despite opposition from some residents. More than 50 people showed up for the board’s meeting, and most of them voiced disapproval. Planners said Vassalboro has no ordinance to regulate businesses’ uniforms – or lack of them.  I am going out on limb here folks, but I believe I speak for true, loyal, dedicated coffee drinkers everywhere when I say “Leave Them Girls Alone.”

Something is not right with Freshwater.

Mount Vernon – An outside consultant testified that when a science teacher here was told to remove a Bible from his public school classroom, he checked out another Bible from the school library to make a statement. The consultant found that John Freshwater was insubordinate and had used a device to burn the image of a cross on a student’s arm. Freshwater is appealing his firing.

I want to believe

Greer South Carolina – More than 350 people attended a rally at a church to protest a federal judge’s order banning South Carolina from producing a religious license plate with the words “I Believe.” The Rev. Arnold Hiette said Christians have lost the right to public prayer. The plate includes a stained glass window with a cross.

Boxcars’ T-Shirt Philosophy for Life

  • So many toys …so little time.
  • Wish for peace, work for justice.
  • Never wash whites with colors, unless you are into pink underwear and T-shirts..
  • Who am I? — Why am I here? — What is my fate? — Where are the cookies?
  • I am fat, you are stupid, I can diet.

Never tell someone wearing underwear on his head, to leave the bus driver alone.


“The cartoon courtesy of Center for American Progress” (online)

F.Y.I. (heads up)

delete-smallDamn, I done went and got myself tarred and feathered agin!  What a way to start off the New Year!

Margaret & Helen have axed me, and I am no longer allowed to comment over there, all I did over there was “point out one thing that was an apparent error, and was promptly attacked and stomped into the ground for it.”

It appears that at M&H you do not take exception to the “sacred cow” (Margaret) or you are summarily disciplined Poste haste.

Here is another apparent No-No.

Never under any circumstances freely admit that “you do not believe that Margaret is actually NOT a woman, and that you think that a MAN is writing the articles on that site.”

This is a free trip to comment oblivion too.

Which sort of cinched my demise.  I am not alone, I have found out others have also been trashed from M&H, without good reason (Political Morsels).  So it might pay to tippy-toe around this site, it appears their skin is a little thin.


Reach Out And Bug Somebody!

Another week of “sent to you from my I phone” stuff, I still remain not all that impressed.  Perhaps I am missing something here, but for the life of me, I don’t know what it is.

America having stopped smoking is now having a love affair with the cellphone evidently. I once heard a story of a guy that loved his car so much that when he died, he was buried in it.

Now what is coming next, you are not going to be ready for at all.  I am hearing of all these “unlimited minutes” folks who want to be buried with their cellphones!  Incredible.  American funeral Director magazine reports a new trend and that is people being buried with their cellphones.

They even go so far as to report, “I have seen people leave their phones on and tell me they’re going to call home later.”  Not that anyone would answer, but they seem to want to have the connection.

Which is really stupid … Don’t these people know there is nowhere to plug in a battery charger even in the nicest coffin you can purchase?  Personally, I have instructed Cup Cake, to have me interned eight feet down, and she said, “Why?  It is supposed to be six feet.” And then I said …. “I want folks to know that deep down I was a nice guy!

Death Never Takes A Holiday — Remember that.

People have this aversion to addressing the issue of death.  I always like to think of the young preacher that was going to his first funeral and he had a blowout on his car.  So he stopped and fixed the flat, and then considerably late for the funeral went on down the road.  He drove awhile and saw two men on a hill, shovels in hand, digging, so he stopped the car, went up the hill and said to them, “Don’t worry about a thing, I am late, but go right ahead and then he opened up his bible, and preached his sermon on the mound.”

After completing his sermon, the preacher looked at the two men and said, “Thanks, I am sorry I was late.” He then turned around and headed back down the hill.  One guy who was digging looked at the other guy and asked him, “Why didn’t you tell him this was for a septic tank?” and the other one replied, “Aw, I just didn’t have the heart.”

Asking For Heavenly Providence

More religious news?  Okay, glad you asked.  Praying for help, evangelical churches around the nation are reporting a surge in new members which is most likely a direct result of hard economic times.  Evidently when people are shaken to the core, it can open doors.

“Dear Lord, it is me again, with my gospel of hard times, my prayer of deliverance.  I need for you to show me the way to curb my need for routinely dealing in excesses and show me a pathway out of this consumerist culture that has ensnared my soul.  Please teach me how to love those that do not love me, and show me how to appreciate those folks who do not consider me a friend.  If you can not do that Lord, please break their ankles so that I might know them by their limping.  Please show me how to forgive George Dubya Bush. Amen.”


The Daily Weenie Report

Hey guys, you are doing great, if you have not looked at the counter lately, take a gander at the numbers, over 915,000 we are going to hit the goal of 1 million visitors this month, a full two months early. This is a lofty accomplishment we have done, can anyone point out a webpage that has exceeded a million hits in ten months, I doubt it.

This is why I say this is one of the fastest growing blogs on, because like it or not, it is.  Thanks for passing the address around troops, it has surely made a difference.

My wife says I ought to “sugar coat this every now and then” which would be fine, but it would also be lying.  Running fast and loose with the truth is not always successful and often will end up coming back to bite you in the end.

Excess is relative, and inveterate liars often find it hard to understand why others object to a bit of embroidery.  And in this view I sympathize a little, for what blogger would refuse to stretch a point here, fill a gap there, round a corner in the another place, if that were needed to make a true story better?

Which brings me to the point my wife of many years is constantly trying to make.  She always says to me “You take a little story, and then you make it much BIGGER.

Which is not necessarily true, “What I do Is embellish in order to clarify” there is a distinct difference.

I am myself, in most things, as honest as I can conveniently be, and when I tell you a true story as I have already, and will do frequently in the future, I will do my level best to tell it as accurately as I can.  Now on the other hand, you have some who will kind of round it all off, stretch it a little bit favorably in their direction or just outright lie.

They are called elected officials “Democrats and Republicans” boys & girls.

Please remember when you visit this site, one of the fastest growing blogs on the forum and the home of the Oprah Winfrey Couch Jumper Hopeful, that he will do his level best to enhance the good life in America for the benefit of others.  Never try to take away from them.  And at the same time, he doesn’t have all the answers, most of the time, he has even forgotten the questions.

But our resolve is strong, our goals are real.

It is our profound hope that we can help you in any matter that is bothering you and that we can at the same time point out to you in this, a totally New Year, that you are the answer to the dilemmas in your life.  You are the answer to God’s expectations in your life.  You are the answer to that which is required of you in this plan.

Not Creative Endeavors … Not Mr. Obama … None of those count.

We, as a race of people, have no valid excuse to be a failure before God or men.  We have to start doing what we know is the right thing, and we need to adhere to the rules of life that we are supposed to know at this juncture in time.  It is time to stop waiting on others to get it together, we are the answer, it is our duty to tell those who do not understand, our problems, our concerns, fears and anxieties, the truth regardless if they want to hear it or not.

Like I have pointed out …

We are the answer, they work for us, from Mr. Obama all the way down.

Bush is gone, or soon to be, and we will not have him to kick around anymore.  If we keep doing what we have been doing, then it is fairly safe to assume, we are going to get more of what we didn’t want to have in the first place.

If you want to experience peace, tranquility, security in this New Year, then it is up to you to start doing things better.  Pick up a telephone or write a letter (95% of them have email now).

To know what is right and not to do it, is the worst cowardice.