My Doctor Fired Me

Midweek I received a Registered Letter, well, I didn’t get the letter.  I was home and no one rang the doorbell, but I received a notice of a Registered Letter in my mailbox that said I was NOT home, so therefore it could not be delivered, but you see, I was home, and they could have delivered the thing, but I guess he was running late, so I had to drive down to the Post Office to pick up the letter that should have been delivered in the first place.

This is when I ran the stop sign that got me the “Safe Driving Award” from the police.  And then people wonder why I need all these medications to just make it through the day?  God Bless U.P.S. is what I say!  Ever wonder why it is, that we actually NEED the weekend?

Read on.

My only crime was trying to call my doctor, I swear, up and until then, that is all I had tried to do.  I had repeatedly called him, over and over, just trying to talk to the man, and I was handled by office personnel to the point of civil meltdown.  After my fifth attempt at communicating with my primary health care specialist on the Orange Team, I just kind of lost it.

This seems to be the catalyst or the ignition point of this sorry adventure in modern health care.  Because of my apparent rudeness and lack of good communication skills via the telephone company my doctor fired me.  He sent me a Registered Letter that basically said, “Tah-Tah, tootle-loo” I will see you and suggested that I find other treatment elsewhere.

Yes, I said my doctor fired me.

My single biggest disappointment for the week being I was simply not able to penetrate this estrogen wall of defense he had surrounded himself with, and that kind of hurt my pride.  Usually I make it through on the second or third go around.  That and the fact, that I no longer will have any “legal way” to fill my prescriptions is kind of eating on me like a pit bulldog at a mailman convention.

So now I find myself “medically unemployed” if there is such a thing.

Now I have two basic questions.

(1)  “If I was fired by this doctor, how come I was paying HIM large sums of money each month?”  It seems to me, that if he was my “employer” (with the power to hire and fire) that he should have given me some kind of termination or severance pay at the point where he issued the letter saying I should seek medical attention elsewhere.

(2)  Am I entitled to unemployment compensation at this point in time.

Health care in this country is pitiful and that is being somewhat generous in the description.  So now I have to start the whole insane process over and of course, I am not overjoyed about that.


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