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This week I got an email from Eugene and he wanted to know “How is it that you attract so many people to your site?”  Which is not an easy question to answer, there are no specific or locked-down in place answers to a question framed like that.  It is apparently a mixture of hard work, perseverance, and to some extent, just dumb luck, from what I have been able to gather.

Generating traffic is not easy.  Having read just about everything that I can find on the subject, I have concluded that there are just no pat answers to increasing traffic to your site.  Trust me, there are plenty of Internet Guru’s out there, that claim they have the answers as to what works and what doesn’t.  And guess what?  “After trying just about every gambit in the book, it basically boils down to BS and nothing more.”

What works for me, might not work for you, and what you do and I do, have nothing to do with the end result on a lot of days.  I put up stuff all the time I figure will be an instant hit, and it just lays there.  I put up some innocuous piece of fluff and it blows the numbers sky high.

Go figure.

I have a friend who will always admonish me and say “slow and steady, keep on working at it, and it will grow.”  And I have to admit, he is right.  The race doesn’t always go to the swiftest runner, nor the battle to the strongest man, but that is the way to bet your money.

If you desire a successful blog then have something there for them (the readers) when they come to visit.  You don’t invite people to your house for dinner if you do not have something for them to eat, pretty simple really.  What makes this blog successful is the fact that “you never know what you are going to find here when you show up” that is what I have been told.

That breaks down to variety, choice, something out of the ordinary.  The recipe for Internet success.  There are pages and pages written on the net on this subject, by all these so-called “experts” which I have found to be mostly pure unadultrated crap.  This is what works. One person put it better than I possibly could, here it is:

  • Write.
  • Write.
  • Write often.
  • Write about anything.
  • Write about everything.
  • Write about what you see
  • Write about what you learn.
  • Write about what you think.
  • Write about what you read.
  • WRITE!

In the beginning I was shooting for 50,000 hits in one year, at the time, I figured that was just about impossible by any means or standard.  Low and behold, I was wrong as rain, anything is possible.  We have proved that without a shadow of a doubt.

Having a good attitude is a prime requirement, no one wants to read about your ingrown toenail or the loss of your favorite mailman to another route.  What you put out, is what shows, and if it is negative it is not going to grow.

You have to be able to say …. I will. ….. I can. … And then illustrate it.  Babysit it, nuture it, don’t let anyone come into your house and abuse it.  Keep it clean, be generous and your kind spirit should shine thru in your work.


You are as only as popular or as good as your last post, that is the bottom line.  You want high numbers?  Then tag it, write it, and put it out there, if it is good, it will make the cut, if it is not.

Well, you know the answer to that one dont’cha?


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  1. I thought that this was a great post. It helped me on how I really need to put my thoughts on the internet. Thank you
    You have a good start, you will do well. Just keep choppin’ and watch where the chips land.


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