Team Players

If you write a blog page and you want a lot of hits, put up something with the word “Obama” on it in the title or somewhere where it can be found, and you will get hits.  Now “hits” or visits, doesn’t naturally translate into comments.  Comments are a horse of a different color, comments do not come eaisly by any stretch of the imagination.

Consider this,  Baracks House has received over 225,000 views on this site and out of that, it garnered only 300 comments.

Change is a coming, another article I wrote, has had 20,339 and it only had “one comment.”  Obama under glass, 8,406 and again, only “two” comments.  Obama’s History 5,795 did a little better than most, it had 938 views and at that time 11 comments, of which only one was of a positive nature.  Obama’s Dilemma, 938 again 3 comments, two of which, were of a positive nature.

So if you want to attract a lot of people to your site, just put Obama in the piece some where, and they will come … getting them to comment, well that is something else.

Obama supporters I would say are “legionary” and they are certainly out there, as for having something to say, it appears that they do not have much if anything to say.

Most of it is “Go ‘Bama pep talk stuff” and a great many admonish to  “Pray for the guy” and that is about it.  Truth is Mr. Obama is going to need a lot of team players … If any of this is possible.

This fall, when you see geese heading south for the winter flying along in a “V” formation, you might consider what science has discovered as to why they fly that way.


As each bird flaps its wings, it creates a uplift for the bird immediately following.  By flying in a “V” formation, the whole flock has at least 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own.


People who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they are going more quickly and easily because they are traveling on the thrust of one another.


When a goose flies out of formation, it suddenly feels the drag and resistance of trying to go it alone.  It quickly gets back into formation to take advantage of the lifting power of the bird in front of it.


If we have as much common sense as a goose, we stay in formation with those headed where we want to go.  We are willing to accept their help and give our help to others.  It is harder to do something alone than it is to do it together.


When the lead goose gets tired, it rotates back into the formation, and another goose flies to the point position.


It is sensible to take turns doing the hard and demanding tasks and sharing leadership.  As with geese, people are interdependent of each others skills, capabilities, and unique arrangements of gifts, talents, and resources.


The geese flying in formation honk from behind to encourage those up front to keep up their speed.


We need to make sure our honking is encouraging.  In groups where there is encouragement, the production is much greater.  The power of encouragement (to stand by one’s heart or core values and encourage the heart and core of others) is the quality of honking we seek.  We need to make sure our honking is encouraging and not discouraging.


When a good gets sick, wounded, or shot down, two other geese will drop out of formation with that goose and follow it down to lend help and protection.  They stay with the fallen goose until it dies or it is able to fly again.  The, they launch out on their own, or with another formation to catch up with their flock.


If we have the sense of a goose, we will stand by our colleagues and each other in difficult times as well as in the good.

You can learn a lot from a goose.


Holla Daze


Polar Bear Xpress came rippin thru here today and it got colder than eight brass monkey’s from the ancient sacred crypts of Egypt.  I am here to tell you brothers and sisters, wintertime has arrived, and as usual, I was not ready.

Got your Christmas shopping done?  I hear the thrift stores are really doing the business this year, as American’s struggle trying to make ends meet.  Awfully hard to do that, when you don’t have a job.

Wipe that Smile Off Yo Face.

This is the DMV why are you smiling?  Munster Indiana. The state Bureau of Motor Vehicles is restricting glasses, hats – even smiles – in driver’s license photos. The rules are needed so facial recognition software can spot fake license applications, DMV officials said. Smiling can distort facial features measured by the software.  Nothing will wipe a smile off my face faster than getting a $135 Safe Driving Award from an Oklahoma Trooper.  My bank doesn’t want me to wear a ball cap inside the building now either.  Something about not smiling when asking for everything in the drawer.

Let’s Get Drunk and Be Somebody!

Nightspot owners hope to cash in during President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration. The City Council recently passed emergency legislation that will allow bars, restaurants and nightclubs that have liquor licenses to serve alcohol an extra three hours, until 5 a.m., between Jan. 17 and 21, Inauguration Day.

Ah Christmas … Chestnuts Roasting on An Open Fire.

A man is fighting for life after his wife allegedly set his genitals on fire, leaving him with burns to 85 per cent of his body.  Rajini Narayan, 44, appeared briefly in Adelaide Magistrates Court today charged over the fire at her family’s home in Unley early yesterday, AdelaideNow reported. The fire left Satish Narayan with terrible burns and prosecutor Senior Sergeant Bruce Faehrmann said he may not survive.

“(Mr Narayan) was set on fire … his condition has deteriorated to the extent that he has 85 percent burns,” Sen-Sgt Faehrmann said. “It is possible that he may not survive so the charges may be reviewed.”  The Advertiser understands police will allege Mrs Narayan put methylated spirits on her husband’s genitals as he slept then set fire to him. Mr Narayan was believed to have knocked over the bottle of meths as he jumped out of bed, sparking a major blaze. Mrs Narayan is charged with one count of aggravated causing harm with intent, arson and three counts of acts to endanger life.

Mrs Narayan stood with her back to the court at her hearing today. She made no application for bail and was remanded in custody to appear in court in January.  He must have been “a pretty good sized boy” to have burns on 85% of his body eh?

Budding Out Early In Colorado

A 9 yr old writes book on dating.  Officials at the Soaring Hawk Elementary School said he wrote the book – which was the runaway bestseller at its book fair – for kids, but believe anyone can find inspiration in it. Alec’s mother, Erin Greven, credits her son’s beyond-his-years insight to his avid reading. “He reads nonstop. At dinner, I say, ‘Put your book down,’ ” she said.

Alec – who just finished a children’s book on the Watergate scandal said he wants to be a full-time writer when he grows up, with a weekend job in archaeology or paleontology.  The Book Of Love article here.

Here are some Insights:  “It is easy to spot pretty girls because they have big earrings, fancy dresses and all the jewelry,” he writes in Chapter Three.  “Pretty girls are like cars that need a lot of oil.”  He advises, “The best choice for most boys is a regular girl. Remember, some pretty girls are cold hearted when it comes to boys.  Don’t let them get to you.”

Alec, Alec, tsk-tsk, so many unwritten chapters for you to discover yet.

Here you go, for all you saps that believe George W. Shrub did a good job … You can send him a letter!  Keep it brief, he doesn’t have a lot of patience for reading from what I understand.  Write him here for real

Wintertime on the plains, only thirteen more shopping days remain, what happened to the Christmas I used to know, where everyone gathered around the fire so warm, not really minding the freshly fallen snow, or the mid winter’s unleashed storm.

When life was so full of joy and things were so gay, the kids played with all their new toys, when Grandma and Grandpa came and stayed all day.  But now before the turkey is sliced down thin, the merchant hawks his wares in the village square, the honest dollar is all that is important to him, other than that he could honestly care.

The holiday season is upon us.

If someone sneezes more than four times, One God Bless You is sufficient.  If you are uncertain how much cologne is enough, you are not allowed to use cologne.  No pony tail this year, unless you are Willie Nelson.  On any road trip to the family for the holidays, “the person driving is in control of the radio dial.  No exceptions.”

Always try and remember “that all good things come to an end, but some mediocre things (like this post), seem to last a very long time” and most importantly, this is extremely appropriate for this time of the year.

“Friends do NOT give friends fruitcake.”